Business Structure

"I like working with THP, they're really friendly and very good at finding ways to save me money and help my business thrive"

Lee Harris – CSM Storage

How your business is structured impacts your life and finances

Of all the decisions you make in your business, the decision of business structure is one that can have the greatest impact on:

  • How much you pay in taxes
  • The amount of paperwork your business is required to do
  • The liability you personally face
  • Your ability to raise finance for your business
  • The amount of money you have to invest in your future

THP can give you invaluable advice about how your business should be structured, and what that means for you.

Case Studies

Peacock Foods – Wholesale

From receivership to thriving - It normally takes years to break the cycle….


Infocorp – Professional Services

25 years with THP - THP has been invaluable through tough periods ….


SignAway – Design & Manufacturer

R&D grant - We saved a significant amount of money….


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