A THP Buy To Let Guide

How THP can help you as a Landlord

If you are a landlord looking for tax advice and want an accountant who’s familiar with the Buy-To-Let sector on your side, THP can help. Many of us are Landlords ourselves and have acquired a wealth of knowledge about all the problems landlords encounter when managing a Buy-To-Let portfolio.

Not matter how tough the buy-to-let market gets, we’re here to help make your portfolio profitable, tax-efficient and in good shape for the future.

Whether you’re thinking of selling or transferring your properties to your spouse or a limited company, or you simply need help dealing when the tax man comes knocking and you need landlord tax advice, our tried-and-tested services can get the results you need.

Below are the main services we offer landlords, but if you need any other accountancy or landlord tax advice be sure to get in touch!

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