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10 gift ideas for small business owners

December (in my view anyway) is the best time to do some Christmas shopping.

The Christmas music is playing, I’ve started my advent calendar and I no longer have to hide the mince pies I’ve been eating.

But as lovely as Christmas is, sometimes it can be impossible to know what to buy for people. You want to get them something they are really going to love, something they are going to use and not something which will sit at the back of a cupboard collecting dust.

As a freelancer, I’ve been looking at what’s out there this year and thinking about what I’ll be adding to my list for Father Christmas.

Here are my ideas and I hope they inspire you to get the perfect gift for the entrepreneur in your life.

Whether you are looking for your own list or for ideas of what to buy someone else, grab a hot drink and a mince pie and take a look.

10 things every entrepreneur should have on their Christmas list in 2019.

  1. Networking opportunities

Networking, although challenging for some people, is a great way to spread the word about your business and get business support along the way. You can join local business groups and meet on a monthly basis for example, use a coworking space or join a private members club.

Coworking spaces offer the facilities of an office and the chance to meet like-minded people. Private members clubs for entrepreneurs offer a wide range of facilities, such as networking, coaching, gyms, pools and restaurants to name a few.

All three options will be an annual up-front payment, which can be difficult to budget for if you run a small business, which is why it makes the perfect gift. I certainly wouldn’t mind finding; the chance to network, business support and the opportunity to grow my business, under the Christmas tree.

  1. Wellness

Working for yourself means working a lot. It can be easy to put your own wellbeing at the bottom of the to-do list. But if you don’t look after yourself, you’re more likely to fall ill and then who is going to run the business?

Number two on my gift list is a massage or spa treatment. Depending on budget, there are a number of options; from a single treatment, right up to a spa break.

A great way to get rid of all those knots in your shoulders and a chance to put the phone away and take a break from work.

  1. A meal out

If you run a small business, then hopefully you’re going out for a Christmas meal, some drinks or a game of crazy golf with your team (maybe that’s just me). You may work on your own or with just one other, so Christmas socialising isn’t an option.

It’s not always easy to ask to be taken out for dinner but if you have an entrepreneur in your life, take them out for a meal (or round of crazy golf). I guarantee they’ll appreciate it.

  1. Books

Young or old, entrepreneur or not, a book is always a great Christmas gift. On the business theme though, there are some fabulous books out there, to help with every aspect of running a business.

If, you don’t get much time to read, why not listen to audiobooks? Ask your nearest and dearest to buy you a subscription to Audible, for example. You can download audiobooks to help your business, help your mind or just to take you away to another world for a while.

I am always telling myself to read more books again. Maybe audiobooks are a happy compromise.

  1. A virtual assistant

Now, ok, this might seem a bit extravagant for the gift list but I don’t mean an actual human being. I’m talking about a smart home device, such as Amazon’s Alexa. This piece of kit can be used in your home or office and transfers your words into actions.

If you want to know whether there are delays on the train ride home, just ask Alexa. If you want to listen to a TED talk, Alexa can help with that or if you want to turn up the heating but you’re in the middle of something and couldn’t possibly get up from the desk, ask Alexa.

There are countless ways Alexa can help you keep fit, keep up to date with current affairs and keep fed. It can even order you an Uber!

  1. Stay connected

I’m not a technology junkie but even I can see the benefit of having a portable phone charger on hand.

If you don’t have your mobile phone these days it can completely throw your day off course. What if that client wants to talk to you, what if your supplier can’t confirm a recent order?

Don’t panic. With a portable charger, you’ll never have to run out of phone battery again. There are lots of chargers to choose from though, so do your research and pick the best one for the devices you use. Some of the chargers can even recharge tablets and laptops too.

  1. Leather accessories

Well it is Christmas after all. When you walk into a meeting, you want to feel confident. For many people, that confidence is buoyed by having the right accessories.

A good laptop bag, pad or pen, for example. I love the idea of a leather case for my tablet or laptop, or maybe something which has my pad and pen in it. Not the pad which is used for a ridiculous amount of to-do lists but one used purely for meetings.

It’s not something I would buy for myself but it would certainly be a lovely gift to make me feel ever the professional in my client meetings.

  1. A clever pad

Now, this isn’t just a nice pad, Moleskin’s Smart Writing Set really is smart!

With a special pen and pad, you can write your thoughts, meeting notes or latest doodles down and they will cleverly be transferred to your phone or tablet using an App. It means no more typing up of notes before they can be shared and the notes can be edited at a later date.

I don’t like sitting in a meeting with someone who is typing into their laptop or their phone. It’s so distracting! But, I guess it saves typing up the notes later.

Now though, people have no excuse. Add a Smart Writing Set to your Christmas list and think about what you’ll do with the minutes you get back from typing up those notes.

  1. A reusable cup

A reusable cup is nothing new, and, by the way, they’re not just for coffee.

I can’t stand coffee but if I’m not working from home, I still need my tea fix. We all know that continuing to use disposable cups isn’t going to end well for us and our planet, so there really is no excuse not to own (and use) one.

Just because a gift is practical, doesn’t mean it has to be boring though.

There are so many reusable cups on the market, find a style and design that suits you and add it to your Christmas 2019 gift list.

  1. An Ember mug

What’s this I hear you cry?

Well, it’s the world’s first temperature-controlled mug. According to Ember, “you can enjoy your drink from the first sip to the last drop.”

When we’re busy, it’s easy to make yourself a drink and then get distracted, only to find it 15 minutes later, cold and unappealing. The Ember mug allows you to set your perfect drinking temperature via an App on your phone. It means no more cold tea and coffee and a perfect cuppa every time. The mug sits on a charging coaster and comes in black, white or copper. You can even get a travel version too.

A not so perfect cup of your favourite hot beverage isn’t the worst problem to have but it’s a gift list so it’s the perfect opportunity ask.

The countdown to Christmas

There we have it. Some gift options for all those freelancers, entrepreneurs and small business owners out there. I’m off to finalise my list so I can send it off to Lapland while I still have time.

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