PLEASE NOTE THAT THE INFORMATION ON THIS PAGE MAY NO LONGER BE CURRENT. During the coronavirus pandemic, important news and announcements were being made daily. Official advice could change from one day to the next. We are doing our best to keep our COVID-19 information up to date on these two pages - but we recommend you check any information with official government, NHS or other responsible sources before acting on it.

COVID-19 advice and updates for SMEs and the self-employed

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COVID-19 personal finances advice and updates

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Know you can’t pay your tax bill?

Thought about asking HMRC for more time to pay?

In the current difficult times of Coronavirus when you may not be able to trade as normal, cashflow can become a problem so think about asking HMRC for more time to pay.

There are a number of government initiatives available which you can read about here.

Please also read our dedicated COVID-19 summary here.

If you can’t raise the money to pay the whole of your tax bill by the due date, you can ask HMRC for a (TTP) arrangement by calling:0300 200 3835. Interest will be charged for late payment, but you should avoid penalties if the TTP is agreed before the penalties become due.

Any type of tax can be subject to a TTP arrangement; not just business taxes. However, you will need to confirm to HMRC that you can’t borrow the money in time, and you must agree to pay the tax by instalments collected by direct debit. HMRC are unlikely to agree a TTP arrangement if you have made a similar request in earlier years, or if your tax returns are outstanding. We can help you negotiate a TTP agreement.

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About Karen Jones

Having worked for one of the world’s largest accountancy firms, Karen Jones uses her tax knowledge and skills to help clients obtain substantial reductions to their tax liabilities.

With an expanding portfolio of tax clients, Karen enjoys the variety her work brings her and particularly likes working with new businesses and people. With a growing number of tax clients, she frequently faces a variety of challenges and relishes the experience she gains as she solves them.

Karen likes the THP ethos: “I like the way the team has a professional, but friendly and down-to-earth approach – it creates a productive atmosphere that benefits everyone.”

Karen’s specialist skills:

  • Personal Taxation
  • Tax Efficient Planning
  • Trust Administration
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