Why you need this guide

Very soon, every UK employer will have to auto enrol its staff in a workplace pension. If you don’t comply in time, you risk a fine of up to £10,000 per day! Our Payroll Angels show you how to get ready, cut red tape and make sure you don’t miss out on the best choice of pension schemes.

How to get ready – with minimum effort

If you go it alone, it’ll take you an average of 103 staff days to prepare for Auto Enrolment – and cost you between £8,900 and £22,300 to complete over 33 administrative tasks. In your guide, the THP Angels show how they can take the cost and hassle out of AE for you, thanks to our purpose-built service for small and medium sized businesses.


How we help you get AE right

When you ask the THP Angels to help you get ready for AE, we take care of everything for you – Blonde Angelfrom offering specialist and independent AE pensions advice to providing you with specialist cloud software that makes your AE and payroll schemes run like clockwork. We’ll even give you a free consultation to make sure the service is right for you!