Auto Enroling in 2016 or 2017?

You’re nearly out of time already.

Unless you want to be hammered with extra costs…

So you’ve got plenty of time to sort out Auto Enrolment?

Perhaps your staging date is in 2016 or 2017 and you think you’ve got ages to get ready?

Bad news. You haven’t.

Already doors are slamming shut on Auto Enrolment pension schemes. 77% of Independent Financial Advisors predict that more and more pension providers will close their schemes to businesses with under 30 employees.

And when that happens, Auto Enrolment is going to get ugly, competitive – and very, very expensive.

As tens of thousands of businesses start panic buying pensions, those same IFAs will cherry pick the clients they want.

And if your business is too small, they won’t help you – or they’ll put the thumbscrews on with massive hikes in their fees.

It’s because they know you will face a stark choice. You can either pay through the nose to get a suitable pension scheme. Or you can do nothing and face massive fines from The Pensions Regulator.

Businesses are hitting the rocks over this issue.

One major firm has been stung for £143,000.

Even a friend of mine, a payroll manager for a small firm, signed up with a pension company that couldn’t cope with fortnightly payrolls. She ended up in tears and her CEO spent huge amounts of time and money sorting out the mess.

The only reason the problem got solved was because there was – just – enough time to find another pension scheme.

But that time is nearly over. If you don’t act today, you are storing up massive problems for your business. No choice. High fees. No time to solve mistakes.

And is it really worth risking fines of up to £10,000 per day for not being ready in time?


But you must act now.

Not tomorrow.

Not next week.


The longer you leave it, the more pension schemes will be closed to you. And the higher your costs will soar.

It’s a minefield out there, but we can help. We can show you how to fix your Auto Enrolment woes in less than 30 minutes. And our advice won’t cost you a penny.

After all, you’ve got nothing to lose by asking for our expert help. You’ve got a lot to lose if you don’t.

So download your auto enrolment guide now So download our auto enrolment

The clock’s ticking. Time is a luxury that no business can afford – so act now. We’re ready to help you.