Beware: HMRC warns of “Your 2016 Tax Report” phishing scam

What the scammers are sending

HMRC has advised you to keep a close eye on your inbox to avoid falling prey to a new phishing scam.

Scammers are sending out an email with the subject “Your 2016 Tax Report”, which appears to have been sent by HMRC. Under no circumstances open or download the attachment it contains.

HMRC never sends out emails asking for personal information such as bank account numbers, passwords or other payment information. Also it will always use your full name in any email – if you don’t see it, don’t trust the email.

If you do receive this or any other suspicious email that appears to come from HMRC, you can report it by forwarding it to You can also report scams, viruses and attempted electronic fraud by logging details at

For more information about the steps HMRC takes to keep you safe from phishing scams, plus advice about staying safe online, visit

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