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Does your child have £2,000 they don’t know about?
Posted by Ben Locker on September 26, 2018

It is estimated that up to £1.2 billion in Child Trust Funds (CTFs) have been unclaimed. So how do you find a lost CTF? Here we look at how your child’s piggy bank could be worth hundreds or thousands of pounds and how to find who holds your children’s current CTF.

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Five easy ways to save money
Posted by Jon Pryse-Jones on September 6, 2018

How to save money for your small business. Some useful tips and advice on easy ways to save money.

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Are your bank deposits protected?
Posted by Jon Pryse-Jones on November 13, 2017

The Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) is the place to go if your bank or other regulated organisation is unable to pay claims against it. For most of us this will mean that our deposits with banks authorised to hold deposits by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) will be

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THP’s Uncle Nige gains a few tips on how to save money in 2017
Posted by Ben Locker on March 7, 2017

It is Budget week this week, so last night I popped into my local for a couple of cheering glasses before the Chancellor decided to slap some extra tax on them. As I inhaled my first glass of claret, it struck me that there probably wouldn’t be much good news in this week’s Budget. The

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As interest rates drop to 0.25%, is now the time to borrow for business investment?
Posted by Jon Pryse-Jones on August 8, 2016

Last week the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee voted to cut their base rate to 0.25%. While savers up and down the land greeted the news with irritation – returns on savings were bad enough before – it will no doubt have put a spring in the step of businesses and individuals who need

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Interest rates to drop to 0.25%?
Posted by Jon Pryse-Jones on July 22, 2016

Last week, we got a new Prime Minister in Theresa May. Not only confirmed that ‘Brexit means Brexit’, but she appointed prominent Leave campaigners David Davis, Liam Fox and Boris Johnson to key posts in her cabinet. Despite the new leadership, there’s no denying that the financial markets are still jittery. And, if reports emanating

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Peer-to-peer ISAs paying up to 8% tax free interest. Are they worth it?
Posted by Jon Pryse-Jones on May 23, 2016

Last month, the first ever ‘Innovative Finance’ or ‘Peer-to-peer’ ISAs entered the marketplace, potentially offering up to 8% interest on personal investments of up £15,420 per annum. “HOW MUCH?” I hear you saying, “I’m only getting between 1% and 3% on my Cash ISA – where do I get one?!” But before you head online

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Boost your Personal Savings Allowance from £500 to £1000 (and earn more interest on your savings than any Cash ISA!)
Posted by Jon Pryse-Jones on May 4, 2016

In this year’s Budget, the Chancellor introduced a new tax-free allowance for savings interest called the Personal Savings Allowance. Put simply, if you only pay tax at the basic 20% rate you get a tax-free savings allowance of £1,000 each tax year. If you pay tax at 40% you get a £500 allowance and if

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Would you like free cash towards your new home?
Posted by Jon Pryse-Jones on November 2, 2015

10 top tips to help you understand the new Help to Buy ISA If you’re a first time buyer, or if you have relatives or friends who want to get onto the property ladder, you need to know about the new Help to Buy ISA. From 1st December this year, Help to Buy ISAs will

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