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In a further attempt to incentivise us all to save our pennies rather than blow them all on going out and actually enjoying ourselves, our government has created yet another new saving vehicle called a PrizeSaver account.

You may wonder, given the resources it has allocated on trying to sort Brexit, how it found the time..!

Anyway…here’s what the launch Treasury press release has to say about it:-

Treasury launches pilot of new PrizeSaver account on International Credit Union Day.

  • Savers who put away as little as £1 with participating credit unions have the chance to win up to £5,000 a month.
  • The account is part of an initiative to raise awareness of credit unions and encourage greater saving for the future.


Savers could now win up to £5,000 a month with the launch of a new account with credit unions today (Thursday 17 October).

To mark International Credit Union Day, the Treasury has teamed up with 15 credit unions across Britain to launch the new PrizeSaver pilot account. The pilot will give people who open an account with participating credit unions the chance to win prizes every month and boost their savings.

Every month will see a top prize of £5,000 awarded to the winning saver, with a further 20 smaller prizes of £20 also awarded.

Accounts are available now with the first wave of credit unions and the first prize draws will take place in mid-December.

The pilot, announced at last year’s Budget, is designed to help improve people’s financial resilience by encouraging greater saving for the future, as well as raise awareness of credit unions and the services they offer.

Credit unions are a type of member-owned cooperative, controlled and run by members. Most either serve specific local areas or certain professions like the police. Credit unions redistribute their profits to members through interest or dividends, or by investing in new services to meet the needs of their members.

Sadly, the accounts aren’t available to everyone. These are the 15 participating credit unions, each of which have their own entry criteria:-

  • 1st Alliance Credit Union
  • Bradford District Credit Union
  • Central Liverpool Credit Union
  • Clockwise Credit Union
  • Commsave Credit Union
  • East Sussex Credit Union
  • Merthyr Tydfil Borough Credit Union
  • Nottingham Credit Union
  • Plane Saver Credit Union
  • Police Credit Union
  • Riverside Credit Union
  • South Manchester Credit Union
  • Westcountry Savings and Loans
  • Lewisham Plus Credit Union*
  • London Capital Credit Union*


* Available soon

The PrizeSaver account idea was partly inspired by the ‘Save to Win’ scheme in the US, which has helped credit union members save $200 million and has awarded $3.1 million in prizes nationwide.

The pilot will run until the end of March 2021 and will help inform understanding of the PrizeSaver model. The Treasury will work with participating credit unions to evaluate the success of the PrizeSaver accounts throughout the pilot, with an ambition to roll the account out more widely if successful.

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