Don’t be a complete Stott!

Unless you are a business person who lives in another universe you can’t surely have missed all those letters from The Pensions Regulator (TPR) about the need to sort out your Auto Enrolment systems.

Every employer was allocated a staging date by which time this had to be done by to avoid being hit with fines.

Even my 87 year old mother received all these letters because about a year ago we took on a carer to look after her. We pay her carer a salary that requires us to operate a PAYE scheme, so we had to set up a whole pension scheme just so we could enrol this one employee.

At THP we started warning our own clients about this several years ago and even went to the length of writing and designing a pamphlet explaining exactly what needed to be done.

I am constantly reminded of that fact because we more than slightly over-estimated the number we would need and my desk remains surrounded by unopened boxes of these expensive pamphlets to this day.

So if you want one then please, please do let me know!

But lo! – it seems that there are still business owners out there who are either living in cloud cuckoo land or just enjoy playing Russian Roulette.

The latest in line for a prize is a chap named Alan Stott who runs “Stotts Tours” in Oldham.

You can read all about him here.

One has to wonder exactly how he managed to get himself into such a muddle and what it has done for his business reputation.

If this blog should jog your own memory about a load of letters you may have received from The Pension Regular regarding Auto enrolment or staging dates and the like……..

…….or if you have this strange feeling that there’s something along these lines which you have forgotten to attend to then best give us a call NOW. You can speak to your local THP advisor at one of our offices in CheamChelmsfordLondon CitySaffron Walden and Wanstead

I’ll be very happy to send you one of our pamphlets!

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