Who are Generation Z and why do we need to know?

How to engage with Zers to grow your business

It seems, at least to me, that for a long time, Millennials have been hogging the limelight. Marketeers have adapted while engaging with them and businesses have learnt that ignoring them is a definite error in judgement.

Now though, it’s all about Generation Z. Born between 1995 and 2010, the oldest are about 22 years old and while there are similarities with Millennials, it’s worth noting the differences.

Mobile is king

According to globaltrendindex, Generation Zers spend more time on their mobile phone each day, than all other devises put together. So, what are they doing on their phones for all that time? Well, they spend longer than Millennials on streaming music and spend nearly 3 hours per day on social media.

If you’re a business, don’t ignore social media and make sure you have a digital marketing strategy if you want to engage with this segment. A website that doesn’t work on mobile phones isn’t going to win them over, for example.

Another reason this generation may be using their phones more each day is that they’re more likely to use social media for research, than search engines like Google. So, when deciding on a new handset, it’s unlikely they would go to Which.com, but might look for a vlog on YouTube about the best new handsets. If Generation Z is your target market, you should consider using social media to promote your products.

Instagram and Snapchat lead the way

While both Millennials and Generation Zers use a number of social media platforms each day, Instagram and Snapchat are more popular for the latter. Other channels, such as, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are still popular though, so don’t ignore them. They can’t spend 3 hours per day on just two.

Generation Z in the workplace

For businesses, understanding how to engage with Generation Z as a customer base is one thing but they also have to learn to work with them. As the older members of Generation Z start their careers, what do they bring to business and what do they want in return?

According to Forbes, there are 8 ways that Zers will differ from Millennials:

  • They’re looking for more security.
  • They’re more competitive.
  • They want independence.
  • They are excellent multi-taskers.
  • They’re more entrepreneurial.
  • They like face-to-face communication.
  • They’re true digital natives, and
  • They like to be catered to (who doesn’t).


All this means that Generation Z wants to make a difference, but they want to be rewarded financially for that too. Perhaps, growing up in a recession might have had an impact and means a financially secure life is more important.

Being collaborative is less important and they want to be recognised and rewarded for their individual merits. They understand the importance of continuing to improve their skills and will work hard to do that.

Open-plan offices are out of favour as they like to have their own space, so more changes to the way we work can be expected in the future. Despite this, they’re more likely to want face-to-face meetings about work and their progression than Millennials. Perhaps it’s got something to do with the amount of video content consumed by this generation, compared to the email and text generation of Millennials.

The same but different

Although I’ve been saying how different Generation Z is, these differences don’t apply to everyone. Not every Generation Zer will like face-to-face communication or use Snapchat, for example. But, if you want to grow your business, you’ll need to know how to work with them and how to sell to them.

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