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If you are lucky enough to come into contact with our Harry Fitzgerald, perhaps because he is preparing your accounts or working on your audit then you’d best stay on the right side of him.

It turns out that Harry is more than a little proficient in the martial arts.

Although Harry hasn’t been with THP for that long, he has been training in Ju-Jitsu since age 7. In fact, both of his parents are also 7th Dan Black Belts and for many years have taken Harry round the world to compete as they fulfil their roles as National Referees.

Rumour has it that arguments in that family are extremely rare!

Harry is now a 2nd Dan Black belt himself and has just scooped three Gold Awards and One Bronze Award in the British National Championships on 24th August which is Ju-Jitsu’s most prestigious championship.

If you are interested in learning more about Ju-Jitsu, more details can be found here:-

If you wish to enrol in his parents classes in Hornchurch Essex you can find out more here:-

I don’t pretend to understand the intricacies of Ju-Jitsu but the awards were in the following categories:-

  • Senior Weapon Kata
  • Senior Random Attacks
  • Advanced Random Attacks
  • Senior Open Hand Kata


The Advanced Random Attacks apparently involves being subjected to attacks from up to two different trained assailants where you don’t know what moves they are going to use.

This sounds almost as bad as being trapped in a tube train in rush hour to me!

Harry aims to train for at least two nights a week and is already looking forward to taking his 3rd Dan certificate in the near future alongside his studying for the Association of Chartered Accountants qualification.

Harry competes in at least three major competitions a year for Team GB and these are held all over the world; the next one being in Valencia in 2020. Last year he went to Gibraltar for the United Nations Ju-Jitsu competition.

Harry’s ultimate aim (apart from qualifying as a Chartered Accountant) is to follow in the family footsteps and one day run his own training classes.

We look forward to following his future progress with great interest.

Well done Harry, all of your colleagues at THP are well impressed (and a tiny bit terrified)!

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