Instagram is just for breakfast pictures isn’t it?

How to use Instagram to grow your business

You might think that Instagram is all selfies, cute babies or pets and what people have had for breakfast. I mean yes, you’ll find all of that, but using Instagram can help you to grow your business too.

Since it started in 2010, Instagram’s popularity continues to grow. The mobile app allows you to share photos and videos from your phone and people can then ‘like’ them and/or comment on them.


I don’t think my customers are using Instagram

According to Buffer’s Annual Social Media Trends Report, there are 800 million active monthly Instagram users worldwide. Given these figures, the chances are that a good few of your customers or future customers are already using Instagram.

It’s all about the #

Hashtags are a word or phrase which has the # symbol in front of it. They make searching for topics on social media much easier. If you wanted to find images of garden sheds for example, you’d search ‘#gardenshed’.

So, when you post a picture, always try to add some hashtags at the end of your post too. If your picture was of your new office, you could include the following hashtags: #newoffice #Chelmsford #UK. You can include up to 30 and make sure you put the most relevant first.

If you’re not sure which hashtags to choose, sites such as Hashtagsforlikes can give you some guidance of the most popular ones.

Use video to build rapport

As social media continues to grow, so does the importance of getting your message across using video. The written word is great but sometimes things need more explaining. In a short video, you can demonstrate how a new product works or show additional features.

Customers increasingly want to see who they’re buying from or working with and videos let you show your personality. As long as you have someone who’s comfortable in front of a camera that is!

You follow me and I’ll follow you

For Instagram to work for your business, you need to grow your network of followers. One way to do this is to start following (technical term) your clients on Instagram. Not all your clients will be using Instagram but if they are, then follow them. A good proportion of these will follow you back and the network grows from there. You could also follow key influencers in your industry or even your competitors.

Don’t go to sleep on the job

You’ve posted some pictures, maybe even a video on Instagram and people are starting to follow you. Congratulations. But it’s all too easy to think you’ve nailed social media just by posting something on Instagram.Have you checked back to see if anyone has written a comment?

If people have commented, then always try to reply. They might have a question about your business, they might be an existing customer giving feedback or they might just like what you do. Whatever the reason, they’re engaging with youand you don’t want to let that opportunity go by.

“I don’t have time for Instagram!”

Yes, being active on social media does take some time but arguably the rewards are worth it. There are services out there, such as, where you can manage your social media accounts all in one place.All you do is add your content once and it can update Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. all at the same time, a big time saver.


  • Use hashtags
  • Follow clients, influencers and competitors
  • Like and comment on their posts
  • Check comments on your posts and reply if necessary
  • Start using videos.


Want to grow your business?

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