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Keep fit in the coronavirus lockdown

I am a client of THP and as they look after my finances, I try to look after my clients in a different way and can help you to keep fit during the coronavirus lockdown.

I am a qualified Personal Trainer and fitness instructor and with the world now turned upside down, with us all in lockdown and working from home (unless you are a key worker), my whole business has changed.

Fitness and strength is vital (in my opinion) for mental well being and also the stronger and healthier we are the more prepared we are to fight off illness and infections, which is more important now than ever!

So with us being confined to our houses and only allowed one exercise session per day outside, we need to try to stay motivated so we do as much as we can and try to maintain our normal exercise routines.

With my clients, I have had to take my business online and I now run 121’s via FaceTime or Zoom and they both work really well. 

I have also started up free Facebook Live classes 3 x per week available to everyone who has access to Facebook. These classes have gone down a storm and I have really got a buzz from knowing that I am helping my clients and others “keep sane “ (in their words) in these difficult times. 

I also know that there have been a few who have re-connected with each other through the group which is great and it really does feel like we are one big family working out together albeit we can’t see each other. (Although that can have its advantages too if you’re having a bad hair day!)

So, if you are looking for some motivation to keep fit during the coronavirus lockdown try out these small routines, and please do join my Facegroup page if you fancy some classes (see below on how to join). They are suitable for everyone and remember, no-one can see you so just have some fun.

Monday 10am – Aerobics and Bums, legs & tums

Wednesday 10am – Pilates

Friday 10am – HIIT & Strength


Here is how to join my classes (you will need to be on Facebook):-

  1. Log into your Facebook
  2. Search for M121 Home Ex in search bar
  3. Request to join.

It’s that easy!

  • Cardio workout – 30 seconds on / 10 seconds off for 4 rounds
  • Fast jog on the spot / high knees / jump squat / elbow to knees / squat thrusts / mountain climbers / squat kicks
  • Arm workout – 10 reps for 4 rounds
  • Wide press ups / tricep dips off a chair / narrow press ups / down dog shoulder press (hands on floor and feet with hips up so you look like an inverted V and press forehead towards the ground inbetween head)
  • Leg workout – 20 reps x 4 rounds
  • Squats (keep chest up) / step lunge alternate legs / wall sit (hold for count of 20) / squat pulse / left leg lunge pulse / right leg lunge pulse
  • Bum workout – 30 reps x 3 rounds
  • Lying on back with legs bent –
  • Hip bridge (lift hips up and down) / hip hold up & pulse / hips up and squeeze right & left buttock alternately
  • Abdominal workout – 20 reps for 3 rounds
  • Basic crunch / elbow to knee / reverse crunch / reach for the toes (legs straight up)

When you use your outside exercise allowance each day (now you ARE using that aren’t you?!) make sure you walk briskly, maybe even jog. If you are a runner you can still keep that up, just be aware of your social distancing and be respectful of anyone you come across.

Take care and please keep safe. We will get through this.

If you would like any personal advice please contact me privately on Facebook or message me on 07882435750.

You can find out more about me and the services I offer at:-

I am always passionate about helping anyone I can to improve their fitness.


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About Gillian Robertson

Gillian has always taken an interest in fitness and in 2000 she trained as an aerobics instructor and delivered in her peak 20 fitness classes a week in her local community.

‘I developed a passion for delivering fun, effective classes and I got such a buzz from seeing the difference it made to everyone and the changes in their bodies. Personal Training was the obvious next step for me and I qualified in 2002 and set up my own business – Motivation 121 Personal Training. It has grown ever since and I now have my own fully equipped studio at home where I provide personal training sessions for my clients.’

Gillian is also an avid runner having run over 20 marathons, 67 half marathons and numerous other distance races.

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