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Maintaining business momentum after the recent pandemic

For many of us, business has been quiter recently as a result of the pandemic and now we are into the summer with clients or customers away on holiday. It’s usually great because it’s a chance to relax and spend time away from your business but you can have too much of a good thing. Maintaining business momentum becomes an issue though.

While a reasonable break is needed, how do you get yourself running at full speed again? Are you giving your business the same enthusiasm you did six months ago?

As a freelance copywriter, I have to be motivated to produce great work for my clients and go out and find new business too. Over the summer break, with less work (and a couple of holidays) I find I lose a little momentum and struggle to get back into the swing of it.

Here’s how I get my mojo back.

  1. I start working with new clients

Of course, it’s important to look after your existing clients. In fact, as a business, it’s cheaper to win work from current clients than it is to go out and find new ones.

However, if you have the capacity, working on new projects can help reinvigorate you and add other strings to your bow. I’m lucky that as a writer I get to learn and write about a range of topics. I recently did some work for a hairdresser and a construction company. Two very different businesses which meant different needs and different knowledge.

Business development isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but if you can push yourself to spend some time doing it, you never know. A new client could give you the boost you need.

  1. Stop doing what you hate

There will be lots of things you like doing, lots of things you’re good at and some things which just sap the energy from you. If it’s financially viable, try to outsource the things you always try to avoid doing.

I’d been thinking for ages that I needed to design my own logo. How hard can it be I thought? Every time I got started though it became clear it wasn’t easy at all and I’d just give up. I decided to invest in some professional help and asked a graphic designer to create a beautiful logo for my business.

I wasn’t disappointed. It’s no longer sitting on my to-do list every week and it looks so much better than anything I could have done myself. Definitely a worthwhile investment!

  1. Don’t go it alone

You might have a team working with you and if so, they can be a great morale booster. If you work on your own for all or the majority of the time though, it can get lonely. Who can you test out new ideas on, who can give you that needed well done now and then, and more importantly, who can you have a chat with about last night’s telly?

I’m part of a wonderful local business group which (Cooronavirus pandemic period apart) meets once a month. They’re such a friendly and supportive bunch of people. They have often given me guidance when I’ve needed it and an energy boost too.

If you’re worried about something or you’re looking to grow your business but not sure how, you’ll have a willing and very experienced audience right there. I’ve found it’s helped me a lot and I’ve even won a couple of pieces of work from other group members too!

  1. Get organised

This doesn’t have to be a chore, but personally if everything is a mess and I don’t know when work is supposed to be delivered, then I’ll be stressed. If I’m stressed I’m not particularly motivated.

Simple things like using project planning tools, organising your email inbox, making sure your diary is up-to-date and your invoices and expenses are done can make a big difference.

Encourage your clients to plan too. A big part of my work is blog writing for my clients. It can be very time consuming to find suitable blog topics for all of them and stressful if you can’t think of anything before the deadline. So, I recently made sure I worked with them all to agree blog topics for the next few months. Having that plan in place makes the process of researching and writing a blog easier and less stressful. If I’m stressed all the time then I’m not motivated.

  1. You can’t be motivated all the time, maintaining business momentum isn’t possible 100% of the time.

Being your own boss can be exhilarating. It can give you a great sense of achievement and among other things can be really difficult sometimes. It’s completely normal to not be in love with your business sometimes and feel like you’ve lost your mojo.

Don’t feel guilty about it. Just recognise that this is part of running your own business and there are things you can do to help get that entrepreneurial spark back.

Let us take that off your hands

If accounting, payroll and bookkeeping are keeping you awake at night, it can make all the difference employing a professional to manage it for you. Focus on what you’re good at and leave the rest to us.

THP loves meeting new clients, so why not come and visit us at one of our THP offices located in Cheam, Chelmsford, Wanstead, Saffron Walden and London City.

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