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Are you still dragging your feet on Auto Enrolment? Have you been meaning to research your AE options but just not had the time? If so, and you don’t feel you are quite ready to tackle your Auto Enrolment obligations, why not sign up for our free Auto Enrolment Guide and advice emails?

Simply go to and enter your email address. You’ll not only get access to the guide online but we’ll also send you regular emails to remind you what you need to do to get ready for AE, and when. This email reminder service is completely free (all we need is your email address) and when you are ready to act you also have the option of calling our Auto Enrolment experts Sam or Laurence (IFA) at any time. Both Sam and Laurence will be very happy to talk to you in more detail about any aspect of Auto Enrolment.

If your company is a very small one, there’s even a chance you might be able to obtain exemption from Auto Enrolment, even if you have already received a staging date notification letter from The Pensions Regulator.

For a small fixed fee we’ll take care of all the admin and make sure the correct exemption application is submitted to the Pensions Regulator on your behalf. And in the unlikely event that your exemption application should fail for any reason then we will refund your fee in full, no questions asked.

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