The Secret Formula of Business Success

How You Can Make Your Business a Success


Imagine £1m was yours for the taking – and the sole condition for claiming it was to accurately identify the single most important ingredient for business success.

What would you choose?

Would it be a ground-breaking product? An experienced team? Or even state-of-the-art IT systems?

If you asked me, I’d choose something much more down to earth: high-quality relationships between a business and its customers.

In my experience, this is the common factor that unites every exceptional business, whether big or small. Think of the way Apple reinvented the computer store to put customer experience first. Or the way you are treated like a minor royalty when you travel with Virgin Atlantic. Or even how you feel when your local shop gives you a full refund, a new loaf and a heartfelt apology if it accidentally sells you bread that’s a day beyond its best before date.

Businesses like these put you first, even if it costs them a bit extra and takes a little bit more time. It’s a smart move, because you quickly tell everyone who’ll listen what great service you’ve received – and why you recommend the company in question.

But if great customer relationships are so essential, how do you create them?

In my opinion there’s a very simple formula, aptly described by business guru Michael Gerber as ‘Intention and Attention’.

All that really means is that you need to put yourself in your customer’s shoes and ask yourself how you would like to be treated – and what would make you feel valued. Then you need to create a culture and system to make sure these things happen every time a customer comes into contact with your business.

Do it well and with sincerity and your customers will come away feeling that you’re genuinely interested in them, their problems and their wishes. And they’ll broadcast your name from the hilltops!

If you’ve been reading my recent blogs you’ll have picked up on this common thread – it’s the little things that make great customer service stand out. And that’s why we’ve chosen ‘great customer relationships’ as the theme for this blog.

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