Hywel Morgan
Some say tax is about black and white issues. It’s not. There are grey areas too.”
Hywel Morgan
Tax Manager

About Hywel

Specialising in tax related services, Hywel has been with THP for over 16 years, using his desire for perfection to get clients’ tax requirements into shape.

While he’s keen to ensure that tax has been taken care of appropriately, Hywel doesn’t let tax – or anything else – stress him out unduly. “I don’t live and breathe tax returns,” he says.  “Clients often comment about my relaxed approach.”

“It’s rewarding seeing businesses progress and do well.” Hywel says. “THP is very responsive to client needs, which is great for us all.”

A proud Welshman who enjoys cooking, Hywel naturally goes the extra mile to help his clients and give exceptional service. “Mistakes annoy me,” Hywel admits so be assured of quality every time.

Hywel’s specialist skills:

  • Annual Accounts
  • Tax Planning
  • VAT
  • Administrative Tasks
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