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When times are tough, successful businesses need to look to expand into new products and markets if they wish to survive and prosper.

This can often be best achieved by forming strategic partnerships with other organisations offering complementary services such as our partnerships with Foster Denovo Limited (Financial Services) and Wealth Structuring LLP.

Although THP’s core function will always be to provide top quality accountancy related services to people and their businesses, we have recently diversified ourselves, by launching a special software application called the “AVN dashboard”.

Originally conceived to link into our main IRIS software suite used to manage our practice and prepare accounts and tax returns for you, this application allows us to extract and display a multitude of information stored deep within IRIS at the touch of a button.

Once it became clear that our own team members were using our dashboard on a day to day basis, we had one of those “light bulb” moments – why not to try to market it to other accountancy firms using the same IRIS software?

We felt that we didn’t really have the specialist marketing resources to sell and market a software package ourselves so we approached AVN (Added Value Network) to see if they would be interested in forming a joint venture.

AVN is a highly proactive and progressive network, committed to making the UK’s owner-managed accountancy firms the most successful and enjoyable to run in the world. And many of their 600+ members use the IRIS software suite to help them manage their accountancy practices.

That’s why it’s now been branded the “AVN dashboard”.

The software was launched to the world in June at the National Accountants conference in Birmingham and we were stunned and pleasantly surprised at the high level of interest. Our stand was one of the busiest at the conference.

It’s still very early days, but the creation of the dashboard has not only created a new income stream for our business, but has also helped raise our profile and reputation amongst our peers and team.

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