THP Freeagent Seminar

The THP Bookkeeping System

The Freeagent seminar took place on Thursday 12 September at the Holiday Inn, Westfield, Stratford.  The attendees included clients that were already using the system so we could provide them with more advanced training, clients that weren’t using it but, we felt, would definitely benefit from the system and contacts providing them with the chance to see the system in action and either start using it themselves or give them the opportunity to think of their own client base and who might need this type of bookkeeping system.

The seminar was a huge success, the venue was great, the presentation from Freeagent was excellent and the opportunity to talk to clients and contacts was invaluable.

The presentation highlighted the benefits of the system and then went onto a live demostration, after this three workstations were set up for people to trial the software themselves or sit with the experts and get a greater understanding of how it could work for them.

During the seminar Katie Boulter and Mark Ingle from the Chelmsford office, Kirsty Demeza from the Wanstead office and Emily and Kilian from Freeagent interacted with the guests helping them find their way around Freeagent and answering any additional questions people had.

The feedback from all the guests was that the seminar was an excellent use of their time. The presentation was beneficial and the time afterwards spent going through Freeagent with THP was priceless.

This seminar was the first of many and we hope that the enthusiasm and success of this one is mirrored in the others we hold.

If you want to find out more about Freeagent, forthcoming seminars or any of our services do not hesitate to contact us on 020 8989 5147.

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