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How to make the most of a quieter office

For many businesses, this time of year can be a little quieter.

Your team are re-charging their batteries on holiday and so are your clients.

Although, if you run a hotel, we hope this isn’t the case.

When boredom sets in, it’s all too easy to spend your time in the office staring at the clock or getting sucked into social media.

To avoid this, here are a few things to get your teeth into that will benefit you and your business anytime of the year.

Delete, delete, delete!

The number of emails we send and receive can be staggering.

So, while you have the time, spend an hour going through your emails and online folders. Get rid of old emails and documents that you no longer need or haven’t used in months. It will make more room for new projects which are sure to begin in the coming months.

If you store all your document files on your desktop, take the time to organise them into folders.

Your computer might just run that little bit faster too.

Declutter your desk

While the phone isn’t ringing constantly, go through your desk drawers.

There is more than likely going to be bits of paper, books, pens etc. that you don’t need anymore. See if you can donate unwanted items to other members of the office, take home things which have crept into work with you, recycle and then throw things away.

If you finish your desk, why not move onto the rest of the office? Although it’s best to check with colleagues before you start tidying their desk drawers!

A tidy work environment is going to help motivate you and improve your productivity levels.

Change the scene

Clock watching is a killer, so to beat the boredom in your office by suggesting a change of scenery.

Escape those same four walls and take your team to a local café or park for an hour. It’s surprising how much of an impact a new environment can make to a person’s mood. And if you incorporate a short walk into it too, the health benefits are another win.

Write an achievement list for the year so far

Reflect on the past few months. What are you proud of? What did you achieve or contribute to which made a difference for the company, stakeholders or even a single person?

Make it visible so you can be reminded of your accomplishments on a down day.

Encourage your team to do the same and create something which can be displayed in the office to boost morale when it’s needed.

Learn something new

Learning something new has a positive effect on the brain and our emotions. It also challenges us to step outside our comfort zone.

Learning might mean getting to grips with PowerPoint presentations, learning another language or discovering how to really make the most of LinkedIn.

Whether it’s something you can do at your desk or something which means taking some time away from the office, now is the time to do it.

Get more sleep

Getting 7 – 9 hours of sleep a night is what we should all be aiming for. It can help us fight off infections, improves our mood and can impact our productivity and ability to think outside the box.

So, if you’re feeling bored, it could be linked to poor sleep!

Retrieve that creativity

This one might take a bit of persuading but you could introduce a craft table or area to the office.

Imagine a table away from the desks which has some colouring pages on it, with pencils and coloured pens available. To start with, people might feel a bit self-conscious but taking a break from work to do something creative and calming can be a good idea.

Lead by example and make sure you sit there and do colouring too. You could add a chalk board to a wall and start a company mural. Once people have spent time getting arty, they can go back to their desks with a renewed energy for that task they’ve been putting off.

It might just brighten the place up too.

Break those old habits

We are all creatures of habit but in times of boredom, the same old routine isn’t doing us any favours. Take a step back and think about the habits you could change. By introducing something new into your routine, you indirectly prepare yourself for change.

You could try:

  • Speaking to a colleague that you don’t usually talk to
  • Walking to a different coffee machine
  • Choosing a different piece of fruit from the fruit basket
  • Trying a different sandwich filling
  • Trying a different place for lunch
  • Travelling to work a different way or via a different mode of transport
  • Sitting at a different desk in the office.


Work less, play more

If the work isn’t there, don’t just sit at a desk for the sake of it.

During a quieter August, introduce reduced working hours or allow people to take Friday afternoon off.

While there are less client meetings, you could offer people the chance to work from home if they’d like. Perhaps give them the chance to dress down.

It’s different from the normal routine so should go a little way towards beating the boredom.

Give your accountant a call

If you run a business, take any downtime as a great time to grab a coffee (or tea) with your accountant. Share your thoughts about the business, what you want to do in the next couple of years or any concerns you might have.

You’ll be surprised how much support they can offer. With experience of the local market and with all stages of the business lifecycle, they can help you every step of the way.

Why not come and see us at one of our offices in ChelmsfordCheamWansteadSaffron Walden and London City or give us a call.

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