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There’s no doubt that being visible on Google is essential for drumming up business. When people find you via the search engine, see one of your paid adverts or spot you on Google Maps, they often become clients or customers. Now, with more businesses restarting as the coronavirus lockdown eases, many are taking a close look at their online presence. To help SMEs, the search giant has just announced £25m free Google ads credit for UK small businesses – along with a digital support package.

Free Google ads credit

Google has said that it will share out £25 million worth of advertising credits. UK SMEs, government agencies and NGOs will benefit.

To qualify, you need to have used your Google Ads account to buy online advertising in at least 10 months during 2019, plus in January and February this year. There is no application process. If Google determines your business is eligible, you will automatically be granted an £800 credit which will show up in your Google Ads dashboard. The scheme will be rolled out globally after 1st July.

For more details on the scheme, take a look at the official Google guidance on this page.

Free digital mentoring

Google has also pledged to help SMEs by offering 10,000 hours of free mentoring over 12 months. It will do this working alongside the Government’s Digital Boost scheme, providing webinars and one-to-one mentoring and support to businesses and charities. You can even take part in online training courses.

Google’s Managing Director in the UK, Ronan Harris, explained the thinking behind the scheme:

“Through this programme we’re aiming to upskill SMEs and charities by helping them adapt to operating in a post lockdown environment. Despite the ongoing uncertainty, we want to show that having an online presence can have a transformative impact on offline businesses”.

Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, has also welcomed the programme, as has the Federation of Small Businesses.

At a time when many SMEs have struggled, businesses with good digital skills and insight will be at an advantage. So, if you’re thinking of ways to improve your firm’s online presence, now is a good time.

You can learn more about improving your digital skills via Google’s Open for Business portal.

On a related note if you have been thinking of finally making the switch to digital cloud accounting software, talk to us. As a THP client we are very happy to advise you on how to bring the record keeping for your accounts fully up to date.

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