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Watch the video, then answer 4 questions to enter into a prize draw

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“I think we are already in the scheme but I wanted to say really appreciated this info & thought was an excellent production, so easy to understand thanks!”

Ken Lewis

1 HMRC has collected an extra __________ in tax after their compliance checks have tightened?

Please fill in the blank with one of the below answers.

2 What increases the risk of a Tax Investigation?

Select one correct answer from the below.

3 What source of information can HMRC use for their Tax Investigations?

Select one correct answer from the below.

4 Would you like to receive a no obligation quote for our low cost Professional Fee Protection cover?

Select one answer from the below.

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Thank you for completing the quiz. We will email you shortly to let you know if you have selected the correct answers and therefore been entered for our prize draw. We will announce the winner, who will be selected at random, on Friday 9th February 2018.

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