Are you paying over the odds for your Audit?

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Does your annual audit bill come with a nasty sting in the tail?

Do you want to keep your costs down, but without compromising on quality?

If so, THP’s financial audit service is for you. We offer the expertise of a major audit firm, but give you a personal service that helps your business grow – at a lower cost.

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Our experienced auditors ensure that our work is of significant commercial value to you, and every audit is signed off by our in-house RIs (Responsible Individuals).

When you choose a THP audit, you benefit from:

  • Considerably lower fees than most big audit firms
  • Extensive experience of auditing major UK-based groups
  • Friendly, personal service from a qualified audit team who get to know your business and your people
  • A 3-week turnaround from audit start to delivery of draft accounts
  • A collaborative and commercial approach, giving you honest dialogue and financial insight throughout.

Professional audits by THP can help increase your creditability in the eyes of lenders or prospective purchasers of your company.

We offer such a good service because our head office is in Wanstead, East London, meaning our overheads are lower than firms based in the City. But while you save on price, we don’t compromise on quality.

Use the tool on this page to find out how much you can save, then get in touch today to arrange a free consultation.

We are confident we will beat any quote - contact Andy Green today
Andy Green
Andy Green
Head of Audit Services

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