With face-to-face contact with a keen and enthusiastic manager, we benefit from advice that makes a real difference to our business

Who are Liberty Games?

Established by Stuart Kerr and Jamie Stanford in the early 2000’s, Liberty Games became one of the fastest growing phenomena in the online retail sector.

Using the internet Stuart and Jamie worked together to form a company that rented pool tables, arcade machines, jukeboxes and games room equipment to venues up and down the UK.

Not stopping there, they discovered the demand for home users in this area with no real competitor online.

What did they need?

As competition started to grow in the area, Stuart and Jamie found their high dependency on Pay Per Click advertising was starting to cost them. The market got more competitive, so their margins started to take the impact. In 2009 when thing became tougher Liberty Games were on the lookout for a new accountancy firm.

How did we help?

Almost instantly Liberty Games hit it off with account manager Feng Pan.

“Feng gave us lots of great advice from the outset,” Stuart remembers. “We liked having face-to-face contact with a keen and enthusiastic manager, and benefiting from advice that made a real difference to our business.”

“From the outset he helped us identify where our major expenses lay and to focus on the products that made us the real money,” Stuart recalls. “He encouraged us to look closely at our margins, to consider importing products from cheaper overseas suppliers and to tackle the areas of the business where we were overspending.”

THP continues to support the company and offers continuing strategic advice as well as completing accounts and tax returns, as well as operating its payroll.

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