If you are starting a new business venture, there is a huge advantage in working with accountants and lawyers from the same team.

Our accountants have the experience to listen to your ideas, advising you on the best company structure to adopt. Our legal team can organise the necessary paperwork.

In particular, we can advise you whether it is more tax efficient for you to work as a sole trader, or whether to set up one of the following types of legal entities:

  • A Limited Company
  • A Limited Liability Partnership

In this way, we can help you create the most profitable structure for your venture. If you are going into business with other people, we can also help you draft a Shareholder Agreement that protects your business against unforeseen events, such as a business partner becoming incapacitated.

So before you start your new venture, talk to us – we’ll bring together our accountancy, business and legal expertise and advice to give you the very best possible chance of success. Get in touch today.

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