THP’s bookkeeping service – your worries, solved!

Bookkeeping worries

Don’t spend hours getting frustrated over your bookkeeping. Ask a THP bookkeeper to take care of it for you!

Keeping on top of your bookkeeping can often seem like a chore. Spending all those hours piecing together receipts, invoices, statements, expense claims and the rest simply isn’t the best use of your time. You want to reclaim that valuable time so you can spend it working ON your business!

So why not ditch the paperwork and use THP’s bookkeeping service instead?

Our bookkeepers simply love keeping your accounts in order. They’re also really good at it. And you’ll be amazed by how quickly they can put your figures into tip-top order.

Once you’ve worked with a THP bookkeeper, you won’t want to go back. They will help you:

  • Free up your time – so you can focus on your business, clients and customers – not your numbers
  • Get accurate figures – then you’ll know where your business finances stand – and make it simpler to move to the next step – management accounts
  • Do your bookkeeping on time – we’ll do your books when we say we will to an agreed timetable. No more having to find time to do them yourself!

It doesn’t matter which accounting software you use, or even if you rely on spreadsheets – our bookkeepers can help. Get in touch today to learn more about how we can help, or read on to find out how our bookkeeping service works.

How THP’s bookkeeping service works

Bookkeeping services

We can come to you or work remotely – you decide!

When you sign up for THP’s bookkeeping service, we’ll assign you your own bookkeeper. That means the same person will normally be taking care of your books each month. To be fair, we do let our bookkeepers go on holiday from time-to-time but don’t worry – when that happens, another member of our team will take over to handle your bookkeeping while they are off.

While COVID-19 means we currently do all bookkeeping remotely, when we get back to normal we can offer our on-site bookkeeping service again. It’s up to you. We offer the following services:

  • On-site bookkeeping. We come to you and do your books at your premises. This is the ideal service if you don’t have time to scan in your paperwork to your accounts software or send it to us.
  • Off-site bookkeeping. We’ll do all your books remotely. You simply need to let us have copies of your paperwork. This service is best if you want to keep your bookkeeping costs lower.
  • A bit of both. We’re flexible. If you’d like us to visit you some months and work remotely for others, that’s fine too. We’re happy to work the way that suits you best.

Introducing the THP Bookkeeping Team

We’d love to take care of your bookkeeping!

Kirsty DemezaHello. My name is Kirsty Demeza. I’m a Director at THP and I head up your bookkeeping team. I’m based at our Wanstead office. We have some really brilliant bookkeepers at all of our branches. If you’d like to learn how our bookkeeping service can make your hassles a thing of the past, simply drop me a line or get in touch with my colleagues Paige Everitt (Chelmsford) or Debbie Jackson (Saffron Walden).

Kirsty Demeza
Kirsty Demeza
Client Director

"I believe in our service, and I know clients feel strongly that we’re worth it"

Debbie Jackson
Debbie Jackson

"The more knowledge we have to prepare a set of accounts or payroll means a more accurate service"

Your bookkeeping questions answered

No. However, if you use our bookkeeping service it can make some of our other services cheaper. For example, if we do your bookkeeping, it will cost you less for us to prepare both your annual and regular management accounts.

No. We can do your bookkeeping regardless of what accounting software you use. We do recommend either FreeAgent or Xero, which are both excellent cloud accounting packages. Please click on the links to learn more about each of these two excellent solutions.

We can advise you on every aspect of using these from initial setup to full training but of course the final decision on which system you use will be yours.

Most of our clients prefer to work with a single, named bookkeeper. So they’ll be doing your books most months. Of course, if your bookkeeper is unwell or on holiday, a colleague will make sure your bookkeeping is still done to schedule.

The big advantage of using THP for your bookkeeping is that our accountants, bookkeepers and tax specialists have a huge amount of shared expertise. We’re used to working in businesses which have complex requirements and if your allocated bookkeeper doesn’t know the answer to any question you may have, one of their colleagues most certainly will.


We liked having face to face contact with a keen enthusiastic manager, and benefitting from advice that made a real difference to our business.
THP helped with the finances and advised me where the pitfalls lay. It was a scary risk taking a different concept to a different market at the time. But THP was brilliant. They really go “beyond accountancy!”
What I really like about THP is that it is a one stop shop. They take care of everything. The payroll, the bookkeeping, the VAT – everything. Kirsty is very caring and gives us advice that’s really valuable to the business
From the Outset they helped us identify where our major expenses lay and to focus on the products that made us real money.

Enquire about out bookkeeping service today!

Get in touch today – and leave your bookkeeping worries behind!

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