What should you look for in a payroll outsourcing service?

Outsourced Payroll Services from THP Accountants

Choosing a poor or inefficient outsourced payroll company provider can land you in a heap of trouble. It will also make you very unpopular with your workforce if they do not receive their payslips securely and on time, or if you have not used the latest tax code from HMRC.

That’s why, when it comes to your business’s payroll, it’s wise ensure it is done 100% right every time.

If we were choosing a payroll provider ourselves, these are the 3 main aspects that we would be looking for. Why not tick off the ones that you feel you are getting from your current provider?

1. A friendly, payroll professional who is always happy to talk to you.

Our dedicated team of payroll experts work out of our office in Saffron Walden. Most of them have worked in our payroll department for years – and you’ll soon get to know them by name. They’re always happy to talk to you: no chatbots, no recorded messages, just a helpful payroll professional at the end of the phone, whenever you need them.

2. State-of-the-art, secure payroll software that saves you time

These days, employees expect to access their payroll records at the touch of a button. The last thing you need is for them to pester you for copies of past years’ payslips or P60a. Our system, created by Able Internet Payroll uses a secure portal so that every employee can access all their payroll records online at any time 24/7. You’ll be relieved when paper or email payslips are firmly a thing of the past!

3. A swift and cost-efficient service

We have spent many years refining our payroll processes, ensuring that every payroll run is carried out quickly. Any adjustments required or complex additions or deductions can be applied to each payroll run in record time. This efficiency means that the service we provide remains very competitively priced.

Why outsource your payroll?

Payroll calculationsThere are lots of good reasons to outsource your payroll to THP. When you use 0ur professional payroll bureau, these are just some of the benefits you will enjoy:

  • Accuracy: we pride ourselves on getting even the most complex payrolls right first time, every time. An accurate payroll means happy employees!
  • Compliance: your payroll will comply with all of HMRC’s rules and regulations, so you don’t have to worry about fines or penalties.
  • Security: we use secure, cloud payroll software with 128 bit SSL secure connection technology, keeping your encrypted data safe.
  • Lower costs: outsourcing your payroll almost always results in a lower cost per employee.
  • Time: neither you nor your employees need to worry about payroll, freeing up your time to focus on your business.
  • Future proofing: we stay on top of the latest developments and requirements, ensuring your payroll will remain compliant into the future.
  • Flexibility: we can handle every kind of payroll and ensure things like auto enrolment pension contributions and HMRC’s rules are applied correctly.

As you can see, THP’s outsourcing services are designed to make payroll hassles a thing of the past. Why not drop our payroll team a line to find out more?

How do your outsourced payroll services work?

Employees can print their own payslipsTHP’s payroll team use powerful, cloud-based software called Able Internet Pay Bureau. An industry-leading platform, it was the first ever payroll package with inbuilt Auto Enrolment functions.

Safe, secure and highly flexible, this software allows us to handle even the most complex payrolls for businesses of all sizes. It’s also extremely convenient for you and your employees, offering features like the following:

  • Your own online account – allowing you to add new employees and manage people who are leaving
  • Self-entry of timesheets – you can save time and costs by adding timesheets online
  • Self-service printing – you can print your own payslips, P60s and other documents
  • Employee self-service – employees can log in to their own account and view current and past payslips, P60s and other relevant documents. They can also update their personal details.

By using our payroll outsourcing service, you can enjoy all the features of a gold-standard payroll software package – whether you have one employee or thousands.

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