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Cheam AccountantsCompany law is complex. What’s more, not complying with it can land you in a heap of trouble: the Companies Act 2006 contains over 150 potential offences relating to the management and operation of companies.

This is why it’s a smart move to appoint a Company Secretary. Not only does it help ensure your company remains compliant, but it gives you back time which you can spend growing your business.

At THP, our expert accountants offer expert company secretarial services, making sure you stay on the right side of the law. We can take care of all relevant obligations, such as:

  • Maintaining all your statutory registers and minutes
  • Preparing and filing your accounts and statutory returns
  • Notifying appointments, resignations and changes relating your board of directors
  • Submitting an annual confirmation statement
  • Meeting all filing deadlines
  • Maintaining statutory registers, including those of past and present directors and shareholders
  • Safekeeping of the company’s legal documents
  • Acting as your registered office

In addition, we can:

  • Dissolve companies as required
  • Advise you on company law
  • Attend board meetings as needed
  • Keep you up to date with your directors’ responsibilities when legislation changes

If you’d like our expert team to provide your company secretarial services, get in touch today. We promise to take a weight off your mind!

Do I need a Company Secretary?

Until 2008, all private limited companies had to appoint a Company Secretary. Public companies still do.

However, since then, many private limited companies have chosen to retain a Company Secretary. THP currently provides company secretarial services to hundreds of firms. They choose us because we not only make sure they remain compliant with company law, but because we stay on top of legislative changes and can offer advice on their responsibilities.

Who can act as a Company Secretary?

For private companies, anyone can act as your company secretary as long as they are not your auditor or an undischarged bankrupt. They can also delegate company secretarial work to a third-party, although they remain ultimately responsible. Therefore, THP can either work with your Company Secretary or directors to provide company secretarial services.

Can you provide me with company secretarial services?

Yes, as long as we are not your auditor. If we provide you with other services such as tax returns or payroll, we can still offer you company secretarial services.

Meet our Company Secretarial Team

If you’d like to learn more about our service, please feel free to contact any member of our Company Secretarial Team. We are based at offices in London, Kent and Essex and help hundreds of companies across the South East of England.

Andy Green
Andy Green
Client Director

"We are honest, telling clients what they need to hear, being creative & innovative, we challenge our clients"

Mark Ingle
Mark Ingle
Client Director

"There's something really satisfying about helping a client go beyond just an annual tax return.”

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Lee Daley
Client Director

"When clients call you by your nickname, you know you’re providing a personal approach”

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