Need help with your Self-assessment Tax Returns?

Don't struggle with your Self-assessment Tax Returns. Ask THP to take care of it for you.

Don’t struggle with your Self-assessment Tax Returns.
Ask THP to take care of it for you.

Do you still put yourself through the yearly nightmare of doing your own Self-assessment Tax Return?

I mean really? Unless you’re desperate to learn how to become a tax accountant, why put yourself through all the stress? You’ve got better things to do than wade through all your income and outgoings for the year. And unless you’re bang-up-to-date with the latest rules and allowances, you’ll probably end up missing out on the tax breaks you’re entitled to.

So why not make things easy for yourself? THP’s expert accountants are here to do the heavy lifting for you. We’ll quickly make sense of your accounts and paperwork, identify any relevant tax allowances and submit your return to HMRC. Job done!

Life can be frustrating enough without having to grapple with your own Self-assessment Tax Return. When you ask THP to handle it on your behalf, you’ll never go back to doing it yourself! Simply hand over your accounts and paperwork and sit back while we help you save time and money while avoiding mistakes and unexpected penalties.

Take a weight off your mind. Ask us to take care of your Self-assessment Tax Return today.

Introducing the THP Tax Return Team

We’re here to help with your Self-assessment!

Karen Jones Hello. My name is Karen Jones and I’m a Tax Manager based at THP’s Wanstead and Chelmsford offices. We have a fantastic team of Self-assessment Tax Return specialists working at all four of our branches.

They include Kate Brasser, Client Director, who works from our Sutton Office and Client Manager Debbie West who’s based at Saffron Walden. Fellow Tax Manager Katy Macaree and Client Services Director Kirsty Demeza help clients from our Wanstead office and Sarah Ince looks after the process at Chelmsford.

If you have any questions about your tax return, please get in touch with any one of us!

Karen Jones
Karen Jones
Tax Manager

"You need to have good attention to detail if you want to succeed and save money for your clients"

Debbie West
Debbie West
Client Manager

"Whether I'm working on tax, accounts or payroll it's good to be helping people.”

Kate Brasser
Kate Brasser
Client Director

"We have the in-house resources to service larger clients, whilst maintaining a personal approach"

Kirsty Demeza
Kirsty Demeza
Client Director

"I believe in our service, and I know clients feel strongly that we’re worth it"

Your Self-assessment questions answered

If you are unsure whether you need to complete a tax return, check now or risk penalties! If you are self-employed, received untaxed income, get income from savings or dividends, had to pay CGT, were a company director or had taxable income over £100,000, you need to make a return. Even if you don’t normally have to make a tax return, it’s quite possible that you’ll need to in some years. For example, if your partner’s income is above £50,000 and one of you claimed Child Benefit, you’ll need to complete a tax return. For a fuller list of criteria, see our helpful blog post, Self Assessment tax return – are you required to complete one?

In normal circumstances if your tax return is due and you need a quick turnaround, we can usually get it done in a matter of days. If you leave everything until a few weeks before the deadline of 31 January however, with the best will in the world this may not be possible. Provided you leave plenty of time before the 31 January deadline, we can examine your accounts in more depth and advise you on ways of keeping your current and future tax bills low.

Many of our clients use cloud accounting software such as Xero or Freeagent to track their income and expenditure.  However, if you use any other accounting software, or simply use a spreadsheet to compile your accounts, that’s fine – we can still prepare your tax return at a highly competitive rate.

At THP, we do Self-assessment Tax Returns in-house.  Unlike some other accountants who outsource this work to far flung places such as India to save costs, we guarantee that your tax return will be done from one of our offices by a THP tax return specialist. When you sign up for our service, we will give you a named contact at the THP office nearest to you. You are encouraged to contact them directly if you have any queries.

We do our very best to make sure you don’t pay more tax than necessary. Our accountants work hard to identify any tax allowances and savings that you qualify for. However, for the greatest long-term savings, we recommend you take advantage of our tax planning service. Our tax specialists can help you plan ahead and advise you on how to make your financial affairs more tax-efficient.

It’s really dead easy to switch to THP from another accountant, much easier than most realise and we’d be delighted to welcome you as a client. If you’d like any advice on how to make the move, please get in touch. We’d be very happy to advise you.

Get rid of your Self-assessment worries. Contact us today!

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