Report and pay Capital Gains Tax on UK property with THP’s 48-hour Fast Track CGT Service!

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If you sell a property – and it’s not your main home – you normally have to pay Capital Gains Tax on any gain you make.

These days the taxman only gives you 60 days from the sale date to calculate, report and pay CGT to the taxman. If you don’t hit the deadline, you can get slapped with both penalties and interest!

Because HMRC wants you to pay quickly, it gives you precious little time to deal with the complex paperwork, let alone explore legitimate ways of reducing your tax bill.

But don’t worry – THP can help. We’ve created a new, Fast Track service that can help you report and pay Capital Gains Tax on UK property within 48 hours*.

If you’re less pushed for time or you haven’t completed the property sale, we can not only help you avoid penalties, but advise you on ways of cutting your tax bill.

Read on to find out how our Fast Track CGT service works, request a quote or ask us for a call-back to learn more.

* We will calculate and submit your CGT return within 48 hours of receiving the information we need.

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Avoiding Capital Gains Tax penalties after the clock starts ticking

From the moment you sell your property, the countdown begins. You have only 60 days to make a series of complex calculations and work out how much CGT you owe – and whether you qualify for any exemptions or reliefs. Before you even start, you have to unravel a whole jumble of essential details, including:

  • Whether the property was a gift or inherited.
  • Who valued it when you bought it.
  • Whether the home is jointly owned, or ever was.
  • Your tax position.
  • The periods when you and / or tenants lived in the property.
  • Any improvements you have made, plus their cost.
  • Any tax-deductible expenses you have paid out.

If you are not a CGT on property expert, it’s all too easy to get your calculations wrong. If you do, you could end up paying too much tax or too little. Pay too little and HMRC will claw it back – potentially with interest and penalties.

Why risk getting it wrong? Ask our CGT experts to do the hard work for you. We’ll turn your CGT return round in double quick time and make sure your calculation is accurate. You can also ask us for tax planning advice that may bring your bill down further.

Benefits of THP's Fast Track CGT Service

CGT Service
We supply checklists to help you gather required information
We calculate the tax liability and the amounts due
We complete the CGT returns on your behalf
Identify future tax saving opportunities
Advice in relation to your CGT planning

THP Accountancy Team - Kirsty DemezaGet started today – get in touch with our expert CGT team

Our CGT on Residential Property Service Team is led by THP Director Kirsty Demeza, supported by a team of tax managers who all have experience in property taxation. If you need to report and pay Capital Gains Tax on UK property, you couldn’t be in better hands.

Kirsty and her team are very happy to answer any questions you might have. Simply click the button below to get in touch now, or take a look at the FAQs on this page.

CGT Brochure

Download our Fast Track Capital Gains Service Brochure

Click here to download

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends. Capital Gains Tax on property can range from 18% for basic rate taxpayers to 28% for higher rate taxpayers. There are also allowances that need to be factored in – we will do this for you and make sure you don’t pay more than you need.

You have 60 days to report and pay CGT from your property sale, so please talk to us as quickly as possible. If you consult us before the sale, we may find ways to reduce your CGT bill.

You can’t. But with expert help you may be able to lower your final CGT bill.

Normally, no. Most of our clients pay CGT on rental properties that they are selling. We will advise you.

We can accurately calculate your return within 48 hours (or sooner) of you providing us with the information we need. Once we have informed you of the calculations, we will submit it to HMRC online within a further 24 hours. If you need a faster service, this may be possible if you can provide us will all relevant information quickly. Should you also require tax planning services, we strongly recommend you get in touch before you complete your property sale. We will provide you with a timescale once we understand your requirements.

You report and pay CGT to HMRC online. We will submit the report for you, although you will need to make payment.

Once you engage us, we will send you a checklist that tells you what information we need to calculate your CGT return. This makes it simple for you to find relevant documents. If you require our tax planning services, we will meet with you to discuss your requirements and circumstances, before giving you a timeline of next steps. If you would like more details of this now, please get in touch.

THP provides a professional service to high standard. We do what we promise on time, if not before. We also guarantee that your CGT return will be accurate, giving you peace of mind that you are not paying more tax than you need. All tax advice we provide is offered by experts in Capital Gains Tax and we actively minimise implementation risks.

We provide a good value, fixed price service. Once you have told us your requirements, we will give you a quotation for the work you have asked for. That is the price you will pay – there will be no further charges or hidden extras.

Book a call with Ian or Kirsty

Book a no obligation call with Ian or Kirsty, our CGT experts

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