1 Who are The Gallacher Partnership

The Gallacher partnership was formed in 2004 and are a whole of market mortgage intermediary.

Between the two partners we have over 60 years of experience in financial services.

Having always worked for large companies we felt that the personal touch was being lost and we believe customer service is the essential part of a client relationship hence starting the partnership.

2 How we work

The majority of our business is generated from personal referrals or introductions, which emphasises the unrivalled service that we believe we provide.

We will meet with you at a time and place convenient to you in order to fully discuss your requirements and to ensure that we have all the relevant information required to be able to undertake detailed research and make a recommendation to you.

We take care of everything for you, not only arranging the mortgage which you would expect but also liaising with all associated parties such as estate agents and solicitors to make the whole process as smooth and efficient as possible.

3 Why use a Mortgage Broker?

For most people, their mortgage is the single largest financial commitment they will make in their lifetime.

With so many different mortgage products in the market, each with their own features, benefits and costs it can be difficult and extremely time consuming to find the right mortgage for your own personal needs and circumstances.

The Gallacher Partnership has access to the whole of the UK’s intermediary mortgage market including a number of exclusive products made available only through mortgage brokers.

We give help and advice to people in all circumstances.

We pride ourselves in the personal and professional service that we provide whether you are a first time buyer, home mover, buy to let investor, want to raise some capital or simply wish to remortgage to a better mortgage deal.

You can be confident that with our expertise, market knowledge and lender relationships we will find the best deal for you and package a mortgage in exactly the right way to minimise timescales and maximise your benefits.

4 Why use us?

Choosing a suitable mortgage is very time consuming due to the varies mortgage products available.

Our experience enables us to package the mortgage application in the right way for the lender and therefore minimize timescales for our clients at this important time.

  • Handheld service throughout
  • Exclusive products available
  • Competitive fee structure
  • Access to a comprehensive range of mortgage products from across the whole intermediary market

5 Who we can help

  • First-time buyers
  • Home movers
  • Re-Mortgages
  • Employed
  • Sole traders
  • Company Directors
  • Partners
  • Contactors
  • Buy-to-Let landlords
  • Let-to-Buy mortgages
  • Right-to-Buy
  • New-build properties
  • Impaired or adverse credit

6 Mortgage options

Whether you are purchasing a property for the first time, re-mortgaging an existing property or have a buy-to-let portfolio, we have the expertise in each of these sectors to assist you.

We will explain the various types of mortgage options available such as fixed, variable, tracker, offset etc., and provide advice on the most appropriate way of repaying your mortgage to fit in with your current and planned future circumstances.

Selecting a mortgage can be a difficult and time-consuming exercise as lenders often use jargon, describe mortgages by different names, have varying interest rates, small print terms and upfront charges, many of which change almost on a daily basis. For these reasons, we believe you should always use a specialist broker who has the current market information to hand and can guide you through this maze.

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