THP are really friendly and very good at finding new ways to help save us money and new opportunities for our business to thrive

Who are CSM?

Starting as a small haulage firm with extensive warehouse space, CSM saw an opportunity to expand further by offering companies a storage facility for documentation.

CSM’s earliest takers for this service were solicitors and insurance companies, but now boast a client list including NHS hospitals, the London Chamber of Commerce and the London Symphony Orchestra to name a few.

What did they need?

Back in 1984, CSM’s Colin Morton first looked for support with running the haulage business with management accounts to help his business grow.

30 years on Colin has grown a network of successful companies under the CSM brand.

How did we help?

As THP has accompanied CSM on its journey of growth over the last 30 years, we’ve provided more and more services, from VAT advice to help in reducing Corporation Tax.

THP was closely involved in the new warehouse project, advising CSM on ways they could use to support a pension fund and reduce its tax liabilities.

“I like working with THP,” day to day leader, Lee Harris explains.  “They’re really friendly and they’re very good at finding ways to save you money. They’re always looking for new opportunities to help the business thrive.”


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