Grant Audits

Release funding fast with our 48-hour grant audit service

Do you urgently need an independent grant audit to draw down project funds?

Most business funders need a financial report before they will release project funding. Many, such as Innovate UK, insist that your report is drawn up by an independent external auditor like THP Chartered Accountants.

So, if you want to get hold of your money quickly and with minimum hassle, talk to us today!

Why choose THP’s grant audit service?

With THP, you’ll be choosing a grant auditors who are:

  • Specialist – you’ll deal with dedicated grant audit team
  • Experienced – we know exactly how to prepare most common grant audits
  • Knowledgeable – we keep up to date with funders’ audit requirements
  • Fast – your grant audit will normally be ready within 48 hours
  • Excellent value – you pay only a competitive fixed fee.

In the vast majority of cases, we’ll carry out your Grant Audits online via a dedicated portal. We’ve developed this system to ensure audits are completed extremely quickly.

We will quote you a very reasonable fixed price for this service before we start work. That means no unexpected surprises.

We uploaded the relevant documents via the portal on the THP website, Miles came back to me with a couple of questions and he turned the audit round over a weekend. Innovate UK then approved our claim without question. I’ve already recommended THP’s service to others!

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Andy Green
Andy Green
Client Director

"We are honest, telling clients what they need to hear, being creative & innovative, we challenge our clients"

Miles Girdlestone
Miles Girdlestone
Client Manager

"The quality of the working papers produced have been high which speaks volumes about the team"

Which funders can we help with?

 You can use us as independent external auditors for almost any business grants. For example, we can prepare grant audits for:

  • Innovate UK
  • Scottish Enterprise grant schemes
  • European Union grant schemes

If you currently don’t have a grant, our experienced contacts can help you put together a strong application for funding from UK grant-awarding bodies. Talk to us if you’re interested in this service.

We can also advise on you whether you can combine R&D tax credits with grant funding.

How our grant audit service works

 THPs grant audit services keeps red tape to a minimum. When you ask us to complete a grant audit, we:

  • Ask you to send us only the information we need (you can upload this on our website)
  • Get back to you with any further queries
  • Create your grant audit – normally within 48 hours!

It really is that simple! Unlike some grant audit companies, we never insist upon an expensive visit to your business premises – our service is designed to allow the grant audit to be carried out remotely.

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