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Redbridge is definitely a happy place – in 2016 it was the London borough whose population said they were most satisfied with their lives. Whether this is because some of them are clients of local financial advisors THP, we can’t say for certain – but never underestimate the amount of stress a good accountant can take off your hands.

Accountants aren’t just there to keep you out of hot water with HMRC – or at least, not unless you want us to be. We can advise businesses and individuals on any and every financial issue, from a simple personal tax return to the intricacies of corporation tax, pension funds, retirement planning, and tax efficiency (in other words, making sure you’re not paying more than you have to!)

Chartered Accountants in Redbridge

We like to work closely and supportively with our clients,sharing as much of our knowledge and expertise with them as they want us to – and after decades in the business we know how to explain things in everyday terms, without jargon. We can even recommend, install and train you to use collaborative accounting tools, so called because they allow us to work together using the same software. But when there’s paperwork to fill in and calls to HMRC to make, we can take all that on for you – so you gain knowledge, but lose all the stress.


So, if you’re looking for Redbridge accountants, our east London office is in Wanstead, two minutes’ walk from Wanstead tube station or a short drive from Redbridge in the car.

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