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If you live in Chelmsford or have paid it a visit in the last year, you will notice that it has changed beyond all recognition. In 2012 Chelmsford was finally awarded “city” status and since then it seems determined to prove that its promotion was well deserved.

That scruffy looking car park in the centre has been replaced by a shiny new state-of-the-art John Lewis department store surrounded by brand new retail units occupied by many well-known brands. The new “Everyman” cinema is also worth a mention being one of those new small intimate jobbies with sofas. There are also some nice new eateries such as Bills and Cote Brasserie for you to sample whilst you are here.

Located just a stone’s throw from all this new development, in Springfield Road, is THP Chelmsford.

Not to be outdone, we have been busily upgrading our offices as well and THP Chelmsford is now a very pleasant place to come to. What’s more, it has an excellent car park for visitors with loads of space so you can even avoid getting those annoying dings in your car door.

Our Chelmsford team like to think they are our most friendly and helpful of all and when you encounter the lovely, helpful Sarah beaming at you from behind her desk at reception it’s hard to disagree.

The professional accounts and bookkeeping team at Chelmsford is also the go-to place for advice on Cloud based accounting. Our team know all the ins and outs about the most popular cloud accounting packages such as Xero and Freeagent and will not only be able to tell you which is best for you but also help you set it all up.

Whether you’re looking for a personal, corporate or small business accountant, our enthusiastic Chelmsford team can provide all the services you need including:-


Basically, we can help with all your business accounting, personal wealth and tax requirements.

And because we’re a UK Top 100 accountancy firm, we can draw on our network of branches for any additional expertise you may require.

Our team at Chelmsford city serve businesses and individuals located all across Essex.

Some of the many areas we cover are Brentwood, Braintree, Billericay, Boreham, Ingatestone, Maldon, Ongar, Witham, Writtle and Shenfield.

Why not contact us today to arrange a free, no-obligation consultation?

Mercer & Hughes – Veterinary Practice

THP helped us become more tax efficient and assisted with turning us from a Partnership into a Limited Company

Mercer & Hughes – Veterinary Practice

Your accounts – the mainstay of your accounting services with THP

For years accountants reveled in the fact that they’re the experts, portraying the mystery of accountancy like the Wizard of Oz – lots of smoke and confusion, but now we know it’s just a little man turning the knobs behind the curtain.

Yes, you could just read up on the vast reams of HMRC material and figure it out yourself. Cloud accounting has taken away the mystery, and you can do the basics of accounting on your own.

But is that what you really want ? To become an accountant yourself ?

If you’d rather focus your time where it matters, then THP Chartered Accountants provides the expert advice of a friendly, helpful accountant who can make what you want happen. It’s just like magic, but without the mystery.

THP recommends Xero and FreeAgent

The many advantages to be gained by business owners who move their accounting systems into the cloud make it more compelling every day.

  • Access : view your whole financial picture from anywhere, any time of the day or night
  • Save time : Automatic bank reconciliations
  • Get cash : Send online invoices
  • Claim expenses : Use the app
  • Instant budget reports : No more waiting for once a month

The list goes on.

After extensive research of cloud accounting platforms our team at THP has settled on Xero and FreeAgent as our preferred solutions.

Following a brief chat with you about your individual business circumstances we would be happy to tell you which of these two platforms we think would be best for you and why.

Please click the two boxes below for an overview on each platform.

It’s not just about tax returns – we are with you for life

The need for a tax return is often the first trigger to searching for an accountant. And naturally the preparation of  personal and corporate tax returns is second nature to us. We have invested heavily in our professional team and our systems and processes to ensure we can deliver this service in the most efficient way.

Because we understand that tax compliance, the right returns and claims filed in the correct way on a timely basis is important.

But our mindset goes far beyond simply ticking the tax return boxes. We’re fascinated with the numbers, the variety of each individual tax situation – of your own personal tax situation.

And if your life and business expand, so that you need far more than just a tax return, we’re there to give you our perspective on the opportunities and possibilities available to you.

We will…

  • Explore your full financial situation, both personal and business
  • Help you understand the numbers within your tax return
  • Assist you in planning for upcoming tax payments
  • Provide tax planning so you make the most of what’s available to you
  • Assist you in planning for upcoming tax payments


Because our goal is to know you as a person, to whom the numbers and the boxes and the money mean something real.

Tax planning helps ensure that you’re getting the life you want

The best way to pay less tax is to plan ahead. And with the right tax planning advice from THP, you’ll keep more of your money to enjoy, invest, save or pass on.

For your business, all you may need is a corporate tax return and naturally that’s just second nature for our experienced team. But perhaps your business is doing so well, growing so rapidly that it’s hard for you to see the longer-term picture? That’s when THP gives you a helping hand with the possibilities that we know will affect you – because we listen.

This could include:

  • Discovering the most efficient tax structure for your business
  • Ensuring you benefit from tax reliefs relevant to you
  • Looking for tax opportunities specific to your industry
  • Helping you time transactions so you reduce tax exposure
  • Explore your eligibility for research and development tax credits


If it’s personal tax planning you need, we also work with high net worth individuals to help address investment portfolio or inheritance tax issues.

Whether you’re working, in business, or retired, the beauty of our tax planning services is in the care we take in understanding your true situation, and helping you prepare for the life you want.

What can VAT registration do for you? It could save you money and improve your credibility

VAT returns are another one of those areas you are happy to hand off to your accountant. But it doesn’t have to simply be another box-ticking exercise.

At THP, we look at how VAT integrates with the rest of your business to ensure that you’re getting the greatest possible benefit, such as :

  • Voluntary VAT registration if your turnover is under the VAT threshold, you might want to register voluntarily for increased credibility and so you can reclaim the VAT back
  • Combining bookkeeping with VAT so you keep your administration costs down even further
  • Specialised VAT planning to reduce your risk of overpaying and streamlining your cash flow


Talk to us about VAT registration and how it can positively affect your business.

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