Need help joining the digital age? We are ready to assist.

Computers are not everyone’s cup of tea.

Not all of us are script kiddies or code junkies or even computer literate; my mother would likely not recognise a computer even if she tripped over one.

Unfortunately for them, there does seem to be a continual drive to increase the effective use of computers both in businesses and in the offices of HMRC in particular.

Gone are the days when HMRC’s offices were populated by real human beings checking hand written tax returns before transferring figures in to foolscap ledgers.

Now instead we have visions of racks and racks full to the brim with servers and files all flanked by rows of desks. Nowadays, information is digitised and pushed along underground cables, from the PC of your or your advisors’ desktop and seamlessly integrated into your personal tax account on some distant server.

If HMRC’s current ambition to take this process forward by requiring all business owners to send information to HMRC quarterly via computerised, summarised data, then all manual processes will soon become extinct.

So where does this leave the smaller,less computer savvy business owner?

Many still have no great desire to become totally dependent on IT.They remain happy with the annual chore of dumping everything: invoices, bank statements, cheque stubs etc., into a carrier bag, and leaving this with their accountant.

Lately, we now seem to be moving into an age where computer software is taking over the computational activity previously undertaken by accounts clerks and bookkeepers, bent double over ledgers and calculators.

The message being communicated to us today is that this digital process is unstoppable. HMRC’s Making Tax Digital endeavours to make this digital upload process a legal requirement, starting April 2018.

But fear not, we can help.

At THP, we have already crossed the computer Rubicon. Our team is fully trained and ready to go. We already have software in place that we can use to do everything for you on your behalf, or if you fancy having a dabble yourself, we can recommend and show you how to use software specifically designed to meet these new obligations.

The clock is ticking.

If you are still unsure how and whether to embrace these new challenges or would like our help in dealing with them for you, please call us now to discuss your options.

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