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Buy-to-let profits suffering? Our new landlords’ guide resource should help!

If like me, you are a buy-to-let landlord with a personal portfolio, you’ll know how tough the market has been in recent years.

Since 2017, our letting profits have been dropping like stones!

This is largely the result of a steady reduction in the percentage of ‘finance’ costs you can claim against tax – including hugely valuable mortgage interest relief for higher rate taxpayers. From 2020 you won’t be able to claim these costs against your profits at all.

If falling profits isn’t bad enough, the cost of expanding and managing your portfolio has also risen.

In 2016, those purchasing buy-to-let properties were slapped with a 3% hike in Stamp Duty Land Tax, potentially adding tens of thousands of pounds to the cost of buying a property.

And recently the government has decided that almost all of the fees involved in setting up a new tenancy should be borne by us landlords and not by our tenants.

These pressures have caused many landlords to reassess their position. Many have come to us for advice, asking questions like:

  • Is it worth setting up a limited company to hold my properties?
  • Are there ways I can reduce my tax bill?
  • Can I drop into a lower tax band if I increase my pension contributions?
  • Should I re-mortgage my rental properties or raise money on my own home?
  • Would it be more profitable if I switched to holiday lets?


Sadly, there are no hard and fast answers to questions like these as every portfolio is different and different landlords have different priorities.

Breathe new life into your profit margins

But don’t lose hope just yet! In most cases it is perfectly possible for landlords to breathe new life into their profit margins.

So how do you go about it? To get started, take a look at our new online guide – Making Buy-to-Let More Profitable.

Here you’ll find ideas and strategies for bringing down your tax bill, cutting your costs and increasing your income. You’ll learn about the pros and cons of setting up limited companies, discover smart ways to cut your tax bill and pick up tips for bumping up your letting returns.

We hope the guide helps give a much-needed boost to your buy-to-let portfolio and remember – if you have any queries, get in touch. Our buy-to-let specialists would be delighted to help you to make the most from your investments.

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Since joining THP in 1978, Jon Pryse-Jones has been hands on with every area of the business. Now specialising in strategy, business planning, and marketing, Jon remains at the forefront of the growth and development at THP.

An ideas man, Jon enjoys getting the most out of all situations, “I act as a catalyst for creative people and encourage them to think outside the box,” he says, “and I’m not afraid of being confrontational. It often leads to a better result for THP and its clients.”

Jon’s appreciation for THP extends to his fellow team members and the board.  “They really know how to run a successful business,” he says.  He’s keen on IT and systems development as critical to success, and he continues to guide THP to be at the cutting edge and effective.

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