Adrian Hart
People are proud to work for THP and our clients are our best advocates. It’s satisfying to see.
Adrian Hart
FCA BA (Hons) Business Law

About Adrian

In 1974, Adrian Hart created a new accountancy practice from a single room in East London – and it is now one of the UK’s best firms of accountants with branches in the City, Wanstead, Cheam, Chelmsford and Saffron Walden.

Built with offering the best customer service in mind, Adrian’s determination for quality has succeeded. “I always wanted THP to be more than just an accountancy firm,” he says. “One way we’ve achieved that is by providing a personal service – we often act as finance directors for our clients, making important contributions to their decision-making processes.”

Always looking out for the best in talent, THP has set high standard expectations from its accountants, “When we recruit, we look for people who innovate, want to improve our service and aren’t afraid to argue for change. We don’t hire people who blindly follow the same path.”

In recent years, THP has improved its offering by merging with a number of smaller accountancy practices, and Adrian’s ambition is to see the company grow further.  “I would like THP to become widely known in new areas – and to do that, our clients always have to be our prime motivation for everything we do. I think we’ll succeed.”

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