Shahid Hameed
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Shahid Hameed
Client Director

About Shahid

Shahid Hameed  is a Director of THP and works on auditing, management accounts and personal tax matters. Being a Responsible Individual (RI) for the firm he also signs off audits.

As the firm’s Money Laundering Compliance Officer (MLRO) it is one of Shahid’s responsibilities to ensure that THP remains on top of all internal compliance matters and that the THP team is trained and up to date with AML compliance legislation.

In addition to general audits, Shahid specialises in charity audits and solicitors client money rules.

Having worked with Foulds & Grant before the merger with THP, Shahid has built up calm, honest and respectful relationships with his clients. Further development and promotion to Director within the firm in 2023 provided Shahid with more opportunity for greater variety in his work which he very much enjoys:

“THP is a very good training firm. There is an open door policy and people respect each other. I work very closely with Andy and it has been gratifying to see the size of our audit portfolio almost doubling in the last 2-3 years”

A keen sports fan, Shahid follows cricket around the world.

Shahid’s specialist skills:

  • Annual Accounts
  • Management Accounts
  • Tax
  • General Audits
  • Charity Audits
  • Accounting for solicitors and legal firms
  • Training and Compliance
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