Whilst the Government “fiddles” over Brexit…. HMRC tells you what to do!

Leaving aside the fact that there were no violins available, it’s interesting to seek a comparison between the supposed musical antics of Nero in AD64 as Rome burned and our government, preoccupied with important political matters as British industry slips ever closer to a no-deal Brexit.

There are just under 60 days left until the present withdrawal deadline is reached, 29 March 2019.

Last month, HMRC published an update for businesses on what to do before 29 March in the event that we disengage from the EU with no agreement.

They suggest that if you are involved in import/export to/from the EU there are three actions you should be considering now:

According to HMRC this is what you should do

  1. Register for a UK Economic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI) number at www.gov.uk/hmrc/get-eori. You’ll need an EORI number: to continue to import or export goods with the EU after 29 March 2019, if the UK leaves the EU without a deal; before you can apply for authorisations that will make customs processes easier for you.
  2. Decide if you want to hire an agent to make import and/or export declarations for you or if you want to make these declarations yourself (by buying software that interacts with HMRC’s systems). If you want to: declare through an agent, contact one to find out what information they’ll need from you; use software to make declarations yourself, talk to a software provider to make sure that their product meets your needs, depending on whether you import, export or both.
  3. Contact the organisation that moves your goods (for example, a haulage firm) to find out if you will need to supply additional information to them so that they can make the safety and security declarations for your goods, or whether you will need to submit these declarations yourself. 

Readers in Northern Ireland should take note that the instructions are slightly different.

Brexit advice for businesses

If you have any queries be sure to get in touch with us here at THP Chartered Accountants. We’re putting a great deal of thought into how these potential changes could affect our clients – and we’d be very happy to share our insight with you.

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