Every time I’ve had what I’ve thought was a great idea for a new business, I’ve quickly discovered that someone has beaten me to it.

There was the time when I decided people’s lives would be improved by a mobile fried breakfast service. Five minutes later I discovered companies all over London were offering just that.

Then there was the morning I thought it would be helpful if there were garages that let you hire their facilities, meaning you could work on your own car and save some money. Of course, I quickly learned that these places already existed.

It seems to me that having a great business idea is as much about good timing as it is the quality of your concept. But I did start to wonder about those really strange ideas that – almost unbelievably – made people a fortune. So I did a bit of research and found a huge number that made me smile.

Here are 5 of the best of them. I hope they inspire you.

  1. Hangover Helpers

Had a party and woken up feeling wrecked among the wreckage of your own home? Then don’t despair – as long as you live in Perth or Melbourne, Australia. If you do you can simply ring up The Hangover Helpers. They’ll come round, clean up your house or flat, make you breakfast (there’s a ‘green’ or a ‘greasy’ option) and pour you a drink of your choice. Launched in 2015 by James Hookway (who woke up in a messy home with a hangover), the firm has gone from strength to strength.

  1. Cheese sculptor

What to say? Sarah Kaufmann makes a living as a travelling cheese sculptor. Based in a America, she goes from place to place transforming cheese into advertisements and artworks.

  1. Wedding Wagon

Fancy getting married, but can’t be bothered to travel to your local church or registry office? Then good news – if you’re not too far from Las Vegas, you can call up the Wedding Wagon. From just $129 you get a wedding officiant, photographer, witness (if needed) and someone to file your legal paperwork. Just say ‘I do’.

  1. Rent a Mourner

Closer to home, this Essex-based business can supply you with mourners to attend the funeral and wake of either yourself or a loved one. Perfect if you want to appear as popular as possible.

  1. Star in your own, personalised romance novel

Yes. Whether you choose a ‘wild’ or ‘mild’ version, you can be the star of your own novel. So if you want someone to look longingly into your eyes as they rip off your clothes and dream of caressing….

Sorry. I got carried away. Just head to yournovel.com to get the full lowdown.

Of course, every great business – no matter how unusual – needs a great accountant to match. So if you’ve got a business idea, or an existing business, talk to a THP accountant today. We’re looking forward to working with you.

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