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Six key mistakes freelancers make and how to avoid them
Posted by Mark Boulter on May 21, 2018

Freelancing is something of a double-edged sword: on the one hand, it’s the dream to be able to choose the clients and projects you take on and to be your own boss. On the other, it can be a financial minefield, with both personal and professional obligations to cover. With that in mind we have come up with a few common freelance mistakes to avoid, so you’ll have a little bit of a head start if you choose to go it alone.

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freelancer mistakes
5 tips for growing your start-up’s brand
Posted by Mark Boulter on May 16, 2018

Finding advice for building your business brand can be relatively difficult to find and most tips out there are based on the assumption that every start-up business has a stable and healthy budget. With that in mind, here are a few suggestions on developing your start-up branding when there’s a limited amount of money to spend.

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Is doing good, good for business?
Posted by Jon Pryse-Jones on May 9, 2018

Mark Twain said “Always do right – this will gratify some and astonish the rest.” I think most of us know we should do the right thing, whether it be thinking of others or thinking of the environment, the question is does this ‘do good’ attitude have a place in the business world and does your business benefit?

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corporate social responsibility
Time to Spring clean your business?
Posted by Mark Boulter on May 7, 2018

How to start spring cleaning your business With Spring weather back again, after a slight blip, thoughts might be on spring cleaning your home or getting the garden tidied up. Instead, have you thought about spring cleaning your business? Running a business isn’t just time consuming, it’s life consuming. So, putting time aside to tidy

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spring clean your business
Five key steps to getting your business off the ground
Posted by Mark Boulter on May 4, 2018

On the whole, the start-up world is a friendly one. When a friend launched a new business several years back, she was able to garner advice from all kinds of people working in SMEs, many of whom had been through the same process she was going through.

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start up off the ground
7 dos and don’ts for business success
Posted by Mark Boulter on May 2, 2018

A successful business, 90% of the time, is one which turns a profit. If you can pay your staff, cover your overheads comfortably and sleep at night knowing you’re not on the edge of bankruptcy, it’s fair to say that – at least in a financial sense – you’re making a success of your company. But how is success achieved in the first place?

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business dos and don’ts
A high street in crisis… Can retailers turn the tide on a changing high street?
Posted by Jon Pryse-Jones on April 30, 2018

It’s difficult to avoid the headlines warning us of the high street’s demise, with all retailers big and small feeling the pressure. A BBC report predicts that 650 shops and restaurants, run by a handful of major chains, have shut since the start of 2018 or are at risk of closure. It includes Maplin and Toys R Us who have already fallen.

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high street pressure
How unusual combinations give your business the edge
Posted by Ben Locker on April 23, 2018

When I was in my second year at university, one of my tutors was a well-known Scottish poet who liked to do things differently. You’d be sitting in his room, wishing that you’d read your Shakespeare a bit more thoroughly, when – boom! – you’d be lobbed a question like: “Compare the plot of King Lear to the workings of a bicycle” By doing this knew he’d make you think spontaneously and – with luck – reach new insights that you otherwise wouldn’t.

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Flower Power! How plants can transform your workplace
Posted by Ben Locker on April 20, 2018

Years ago, I used to work in offices that were very minimalist and discouraged (or even banned) you from keeping plants. I hated it, and it made me wonder whether keeping plants in the workplace had any measurable benefits. The short answer is ‘Yes!’ If you want happier, more productive staff, then plants could well be part of the answer. These are just 5 things I’ve found out.

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Video marketing: Just good business sense
Posted by Jon Pryse-Jones on April 13, 2018

It’s no surprise to hear that Google is the largest search engine in the world but how many of you would have put YouTube second? As we continue to consume video content online, are you missing out on the chance to promote your business, product or service.

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