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Case Study – NeosCreative
Posted by THP on January 7, 2016

Specialising in exhibition stand design, video production, pre- and post-show marketing, graphic design, return on investment assessment and much more, the firm has spent 15 years carving out a top-flight offering that now attracts clients from a variety of different sectors. NeosCreative’s story stretches back to the late 1990s when founders Ian Chinnock and Tom

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neoscreative with THP
New case study: Committee of Taste
Posted by THP on September 18, 2015

At the northern end of Gladstone Park in London’s Dollis Hill, tucked away in a cobbled courtyard lies a beautiful old stables building. Alas the horses are long gone, and instead you will find a delightful café with a warm welcome, lovely coffee and great food. The Stables Café, (part of Committee of Taste), is

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Committee of Taste
Case Study – Zoology
Posted by THP on January 5, 2015

With so many hair salons out there, you need to do something pretty special to get noticed among the competition. Zoology does just that on a daily basis, and its sheer brilliance at hairdressing gets the fashion conscious flocking through the salon doors – in both Wanstead and Loughton. It also wins Zoology a whole

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Zoology Case Study - THP
Case Study – Just IT
Posted by THP on December 20, 2014

Founded in 2001, Just IT has spent the last decade establishing itself as a market leader for recruiting, developing and training talented people to work in the IT industry. The company stands out because it brings market-relevant training together with recruitment – and that means its candidates develop the skills they need for their careers,

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Just IT THP client
Case Study: Liberty Games
Posted by THP on December 18, 2014

Once the preserve of a few pioneering brands, the internet-only store is now one of the fastest growing phenomena in the retail sector. It’s easy to see the attraction. Web portals are much cheaper to operate than traditional bricks – and – mortar shops, and they allow you to offer many more products than you’d

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Liberty Games Client of THP
Case Study: 25 years with one accountancy firm
Posted by THP on December 15, 2014

If there’s one thing that unites highly successful businesses and entrepreneurs, it’s a deep and detailed understanding of their customers. And wisely so. At a time when we have unparalleled choice both online and off, marketers are willing to invest heavily to take the guesswork out of what makes individual consumers tick. In such a

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25 year relationship with THP
Going ‘beyond accountancy’ to help a business thrive
Posted by THP on December 10, 2014

Mark’s enthusiasm for his work is infectious. Spend half an hour in his company and you’re left in no doubt that he’s built a business by putting people first. It has paid off. Today Mark Mountney has a chain of three salons – a flagship studio and a men’s salon in Wanstead, plus a boutique-style

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THP - helping business thrive
Case Study: From new home to top homewares brand
Posted by THP on December 5, 2014

Have you ever noticed how difficult it is to buy contemporary British homeware? Vicky White did when she bought a cottage in Bedfordshire and found herself searching high and low for quality, well-made items to bring a touch of true Englishness to her home. But all she could find were pieces that were a little

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Plum and Ashby client of THP
Building a business – and a community of customers
Posted by THP on December 2, 2014

One of the most striking features of our sluggish economy is the way it’s inspired people to take up traditional crafts. Why buy expensive clothes when you can make better ones yourself? Or spend money on bland supermarket bread when you can bake your own for less? And why live off pricey ready meals when

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Building a Customer Base
Case Study: It should happen to a vet
Posted by THP on November 7, 2014

Like THP, one of our longstanding clients, veterinarians Mercer & Hughes, turns 40 this year. The company opened its first surgery in a house in Thaxted, and was a joint enterprise between vets Bob Mercer and Peter Hughes. The two men had met while practising in Devon, but Bob suggested they opened a practice in

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