Founded in 2001, Just IT has spent the last two decades establishing itself as a market leader for recruiting, developing and training talented people to work in the IT industry.

The company stands out because it brings market-relevant training together with recruitment – and that means its candidates develop the skills they need for their careers, while recruiters can choose from people who excel at their jobs.

No wonder 80% of Just IT’s income comes from repeat business – the company provides a valuable service with care and understanding. Director Simon Perriton explains:

“Our mission is to deliver services based on the core values of honesty, quality and speed of service. We’re confident that the business will grow from strength to strength”.

It’s a mission Just IT succeeds at – it now works with organisations such as the Institute of IT Training, ATSCo, Microsoft, CompTIA, and the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC).

It also attracts candidates who range from people who are just starting out in IT, right through to seasoned professionals with relevant backgrounds in the investment, retail and accounting industries.

“We share core values with THP”

Growing a business that has such a diverse range of customers meant that Just IT needed accountancy and tax advice from a team with the right knowledge and experience. It chose THP – and Simon has been delighted by the results we’ve provided.

“We’re delighted to work with THP as we share many core values. We also like the very personal service which we receive from them”.

We’ve also found working with Just IT highly rewarding. The company has proved that it has the ability to adapt yet still be focused on its rolling development plan. Their twin passions – for people and for technology – will ensure that they continue to be a key player in IT training and recruitment.

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