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What the 2017 Budget means for you and your business
Posted by Ben Locker on November 23, 2017

Key points of the Autumn Budget 2017 Click to view our short video on the budget Today the Prime Minister brought Chancellor Philip Hammond a box of cough sweets as he delivered the Budget – a reference to her own ill-fated speech, which she coughed through at this year’s Conservative Party conference. He didn’t need

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Spring Budget 2017 – what it means for you and your business
Posted by Jon Pryse-Jones on March 8, 2017

Key points of the Spring Budget 2017 So, the last ever Spring Budget has come and gone. Most of us expected many of the Chancellor’s announcements to be about as welcome as a whoopee cushion at a funeral, but as always there was a mixed bag of news for individuals and businesses. Skipping over the

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Autumn Statement 2016 – are you a winner or a loser?
Posted by THP on November 24, 2016

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond, has now delivered his first Autumn Statement. As always, there are both winners and losers – and there’s every chance there’s both good and bad news for your finances. This post is here to give you a summary of the announcements, so you will know what they mean

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A boost for small businesses as Theresa May announces a cut in Corporation Tax?
Posted by THP on November 23, 2016

As far as small businesses are concerned, government plans this year have been a mixed bag. Putting aside the uncertainties and potential opportunities of Brexit, this has been the year that small business owners have seen the amount of tax-free dividends out of their companies reduced to a miserly £5,000. On the other hand, Theresa

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Budget 2016: what it means for your business and finances
Posted by THP on March 16, 2016

Chancellor George Osborne billed it as a ‘Budget for the next generation’, but he might equally have called it a lifeline for small businesses. After outlining the state of Britain’s economy, he announced a raft of measures that will put a spring in the step of small business owners across the UK. Good news for

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Budget 2015 – what’s in it for businesses and savers?
Posted by Jon Pryse-Jones on July 9, 2015

George Osborne’s budget is good for growth, but it could have a sting in the tail for some of our clients. David Lloyd George, the former Prime Minister and Chancellor of the Exchequer, was fond of saying that “the most convenient time to tax the rich is when they are dead”. By this standard, today’s

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