THP gave me lots of help in the early days with advice about my business structure, it was good to have that independent input

Who are The Committee of Taste?

At the northern end of Gladstone Park in London’s Dollis Hill, tucked away in a cobbled courtyard lies a beautiful old stables building. Alas the horses are long gone, and instead you will find a delightful café with a warm welcome, lovely coffee and great food.

The Stables Café, (part of Committee of Taste), is owned and run by Graham and Yvonne Rae. Ever since they moved to the area many years ago, they’d always bemoaned the lack of a café in such a beautiful place – so they decided to create one, and finally offer good coffee.

After all, life’s too short for bad coffee – thankfully, you can always find a great coffee at the Stables.

What did they need?

THP provides a wide range of services for the Raes, as Graham explains. “They take care of our accounts and payroll and they’re currently helping us get prepared for Auto Enrolment. It’s reassuring that they’re simply sorting it all out so we don’t have to worry. I also find Kirsty and Tom’s advice about our business very useful – we get a lot out of our meetings.”

However, when the Rae’s got a letter through telling them they would have to undergo a routine tax investigation, THP were able to help quickly.

How did we help?

Graham explains how THP helped them: “Kirsty advised us to subscribe to their Tax Investigation Service, so we were covered in case of a tax investigation. Shortly after, we did indeed receive a letter from HMRC saying they wanted to examine our tax, and all I had to do was ring up Tom. He took care of everything and the tax investigator even went to THP’s offices to examine all our accounts and paperwork. She walked away happy, we didn’t have to worry about a thing and the fee was completely covered under the tax investigation service. That advice took all the stress and cost out of the investigation when it finally came along.”

Graham and Yvonne are now looking ahead confidently to the future and are now busy planning to open for evening dining at the Stables Café. “We’re going to take it slowly, maintain our high standards and grow organically.”

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