Owed a Marriage Tax Allowance rebate? You may lose out if you don’t claim by April

Back in April, we created a quick guide to Marriage Tax Allowance.

As we told you at the time, a million people or more have failed to claim this cash from the taxman. If you are married or in a civil partnership, and you’ve qualified for this money over the last five years, you could be owed up to £1,150.

If you want to pocket all of it, though, you’ll have to act fast. This is because the allowance was first introduced in 2015 and you can only backdate your claims for five years.

This means that, if you are owed the £212 rebate for 2015, you’ll need to claim it before April 2020. If you claim after then, you’ll only be able to get a refund for 2016 and subsequent years.

Lots of people are missing out on this money because they don’t realise that they are entitled to it. So it’s worth recapping what the Marriage Tax Allowance is and explaining how you can get your hands on it.

What is the Marriage Tax Allowance?

The Marriage Tax Allowance is a way for spouses to transfer a portion of their tax-free personal allowance between them.

To qualify, you need to be married or in a civil partnership. One of you will be a basic-rate taxpayer, while the other will be a non-taxpayer (i.e. someone who earns less than the annual tax-free allowance).

The non-taxpayer can transfer up to 10% (£1,250) of their tax-free allowance to their spouse. By doing so, their spouse can cut their tax bill by up to £250 per year.

It’s particularly useful for couples where one partner is taking time out of work, bringing up children or freelancing part-time. Say that person is earning less than £10k per year, it’s a no-brainer to pass on the unused tax-free allowance to their spouse.

I didn’t claim. How much can I get as a rebate?

If you’ve been eligible for Marriage Tax Allowance for any time since 2015, you can claim a rebate if you haven’t already used it. This is still the case even if your spouse has sadly passed away. The amounts you can claim are, by year:

YearRebate amount


As you can see, it all adds up to a tidy sum. But if you are eligible for that £212 for 2015, you need to get your skates on and make your claim before April. There’s no point letting the taxman hang on to your cash when it could be sitting in your bank account!

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