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Hire nice people and your business is likely to benefit

Let’s face it, some workplaces are happier environments than others. That’s partly because some businesses just tend to hire nice people.

At one end of the scale, there are offices with bad tempered managers, a clock-watching culture and the atmosphere of a morgue. At the other are places where there’s a real buzz, plenty of laughter and people who are passionate about what they do.

Most of us know that a happier workplace is a more productive one, but it’s not always easy to change the culture when things go wrong.

What’s more, being nice seems to be almost infectious. Nice people experience an average of 15 kind acts daily, while others experience only six. In short, being nice to your colleagues encourages them to be nice back.

This can have major benefits for your business. People who believe they are nice rate themselves as being twice as productive as those who are not. And when employees are happier your staff turnover becomes lower, saving you both the expense and hassle of recruiting.

There are reputational benefits too. Clients and customers like dealing with ‘nice’ companies, and are more willing to spend money with them.

It’s important to remember, though, that nice people aren’t always nice.  Many people ‘lose their nice’if they are subjected to rudeness, noise based stresses, confrontation and high-pressure situations.

So it’s not enough to simply hire nice people – you need to create an environment that people like to work in. That means creating a supportive and kind, yet efficient, culture within your business. Let your team take breaks to avoid losing their ‘nice’ and encourage them to be honest, professional and even give them space to practice mindfulness.

It may sound utopian but a happy company is a more profitable one. That’s why at THP we put the highest value on client relationships, not on our bottom line.

We know that if we’re nice, you’ll want to work with us – and we’ll enjoy working with you all the more.

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About Samantha Rowe

Sam’s title is Operations Manager, but the title itself doesn’t truly convey the variety of what she does for THP.  From administrative tasks to payroll, strategic business planning, and office systems and procedures, Sam’s primary skill lies in multitasking.

Sam’s journey began as an office junior with George Nottage (now merged with THP), and she soon learned skills in payroll and bookkeeping, and then gained experience as a PA to the Directors, and as Administration Manager.

At the moment, Auto Enrolment is an area that has a key focus for Sam, and for THP as a whole.  “The question I’m asked the most by clients just now is, ‘How will auto enrolment affect me?’ And the answer is, no matter how big or small you are, you will absolutely be affected by the Auto Enrolment regulations. I’d encourage you to start thinking about it now, and to look at your payroll software to make sure you’re ready.”

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