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Areas Covered Include: Banstead, Beddington, Belmont, Carshalton Beeches, Croydon, Epsom, Merton, North Cheam, South Cheam, Sutton, and Tadworth.

THP Cheam Office

A pretty high street with a good number of nice shops and eateries and ready access to some lovely country walks are just some of the many attractions of Cheam. If you like historic houses there is also Nonsuch Mansion to visit, a Georgian Gem in a stunning parkland setting that has become one of Surrey’s most sought after locations.

Just a 5 minute walk from the train station and 10 minutes from the high street, it really couldn’t be easier to reach THP Cheam.

As part of a small network of offices, THP Chartered Accountants Cheam is in the enviable position of being able to provide accounting and legal services across the full spectrum. So whether you are looking for specialist business advice, need a Will drafted or are just looking for help with your tax return there is always a friendly THP person to advise you.  Our new legal services department can also assist with anything and everything legal related; you no longer need to find a solicitor or barristers in addition to an accountant.

Being a top 100 accounting firm,we also have ready access to a number of specialists across our network of offices to ensure you always receive the best advice.

Our Cheam team deals with many people and businesses beyond its immediate vicinity as well as from Cheam itself. Areas such as Banstead, Beddington, Belmont, Carshalton Beeches, Croydon, Epsom, Merton, North Cheam, South Cheam, Sutton and Tadworth are all covered, so if you hail from one from these places and wish to chat about anything financial, do please get in touch. Either you can come in to visit us (we make great coffee) or we can arrange to come over and visit you.

The more commonly requested services available from our Cheam office include the production of annual and monthly management accounts, tax planning and advice, self-assessment tax returns, VAT returns and general business advice.

You can read more details on these services by clicking the relevant links below.

Why not get in touch with THP Cheam today to arrange a free, no-obligation consultation?

  • Car
    If driving to the office, parking at the train station would be ideal as we’re a short walk away.
  • Bus
    If travelling to us by bus the 470 comes along Mulgrave Road where we are located.
  • Train
    Just around the corner from Cheam train station, when you come out of the station turn left and we are a short walk away.
  • Foot
    Located on the High Street our office is easy to find on Mulgrave Road.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your approach to Chartered Accountancy?

THP stands for Timely Turnaround, Highly Transparent and People before Computers.

You can read all about this and what makes THP different from other Chartered Accountants here.

What services do you offer?

Whether it be cloud bookkeeping and accounting, shareholder agreements, tax planning, auditing or just general business advice there’s always someone at THP who’s seen it before. We can often handle the associated legal requirements as well.

Do you offer free consultations at THP?

Yes! At THP we much prefer to meet you face to face and listen to your problems and learn about your individual circumstances. That’s what the P in THP stands for!

After that first free meeting of up to an hour we will tell you what we can do to help you and what it will cost. You can then decide whether you would like to proceed but our friendly team will not pressure you in any way.

Are your fees competitive?

With our office being located in outer London with lower overheads we don’t need to charge “City of London” prices! We frequently benchmark our prices against those of other accountancy firms in the local area to ensure that we remain extremely competitive.

Meet the Team

Click the button below to view our Cheam team.

Meet the Team
Lee Daley
Lee Daley
Client Director

"When clients call you by your nickname, you know you’re providing a personal approach”

Kate Brasser
Kate Brasser
Client Director

"We have the in-house resources to service larger clients, whilst maintaining a personal approach"

Tom Brereton
Tom Brereton
Client Manager

"There's a satisfaction of looking at a good result and being able to say I did that"

Ian Henman
Ian Henman
Client Services & Legacy Planning

“We work hard to understand our client’s underlying interests, not just their surface ‘wants’, to earn their respect as a trusted advisor”

Li Ling
Li Ling

"At THP we really excel on facilities, including ICT"

Our Key Services

The ultimate one-stop shop for payroll and auto enrolment. If you employ even one person, auto enrolment requirements involve complicated recordkeeping, regular assessments, and choosing a pension. Our custom-built technology sorts out the nitty gritty of the auto enrolment process at the lowest possible cost to you. “But I don’t have to worry about this for at least a year or two – right?” If your staging date arrives in 18 months, now is the time to start. Sorting it out now means: Avoiding fines of up to £5,000 per day Choosing the right pension scheme  Saving months of time and preventing panic!  Saving thousands on setup fees 7 Reasons To Put Off Auto Enrolment (And Whether They Apply To You)
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Your accounts – let’s make them work for you

These days, it’s easier than ever to keep on top of your accounts. But that’s not the whole story.

It’s true that cloud accounting software makes accurate record keeping simple. At the click of a button or the press of a screen, you can issue invoices and purchase orders, tot up your expenditure or enter receipts just by scanning them.

Yet, having accurate figures is one thing. Knowing what to do with them is another. 

This is where THP’s friendly and expert accountants come in. When we take care of your accounts, we can do a whole lot more than making sure the sums add up.

What we also do is help make your accounts work for you. As your accountants, these are just some of the ways we can use our knowledge and experience to help you:

  • Make sure you’re making full use of tax breaks – including those you might not know about
  • Ensure you’re on the right VAT scheme – to optimise your income and cashflow
  • Produce monthly management accounts – so you can make business decisions based on accurate data
  • Take care of your tax returns – whether for Income Tax, VAT, CIS or Corporation Tax
  • Find new ways to help you thrive – we can help you with everything from R&D tax breaks to unclaimed capital allowances.

At THP, we believe that a good accountant does much more than make sure your accounts are correctly entered into your software. We believe that your accounts are the source of opportunities – whether to save tax, secure funding, improve cash flow or other business goals that are important to you.

So why not put your accounts to work? Get in touch with our helpful team of accountants today to get started.

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VAT Returns & Services

With the right advice and a bit of careful planning, you can not only make sure your VAT returns are submitted like clockwork, but your business can enjoy other benefits too. At THP, we can help you decide whether to register your business for VAT, offer you helpful VAT advice, and can complete and submit accurate VAT returns on time, every time.

VAT Registration

We’re often asked whether a business has to register for VAT.

At the simplest level, if your VAT taxable turnover is £85,000 or more, then you have to!

If your turnover is less than that, you can register voluntarily. It sounds odd to register for a tax if you don’t need to, but there are two good reasons you might do this:

  • You could save money. If you pay out more VAT than you charge, the taxman actually pays you!
  • Your business has more credibility. Larger clients and customers will often only deal with VAT-registered businesses.

Every business is different, so VAT registration isn’t for everyone. Our expert VAT accountants are happy to advise on the best route for you.

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Audit Services

To audit or not to audit – that is the question!

The answer to that question is also needed by many growing businesses. As your turnover, assets and staff numbers grow, so does the likelihood that you legally need an annual audit. If you’re unsure, jump to the section below for help with Audit services.

If you need to get your accounts audited, our audit services are designed to make sure the process does not disrupt the running of your business. Our audits also result in financial reporting with significant commercial value to you.

If your company doesn’t require an audit, don’t rule one out – especially if your business is growing fast! A thorough audit can give you:

  • The most accurate, up-to-date financial information for making good decisions
  • A reduced risk of fraud or error, because irregularities are likely to be found quickly
  • Extra credibility with lenders, clients and credit rating agencies.

Our auditors are fully experienced and all audits are signed off by our in-house RIs (Responsible Individuals). Get in touch with our Audit Team today to learn more or click the button below for an instant, transparent quote for your audit.

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Tax planning services for businesses and individuals

The best way to pay less tax is to plan ahead. And with the right tax planning services and advice from THP, you could keep more of your money to enjoy, invest, save or pass on.

Whether you need tax planning services for your business or your own finances, it’s important to take the long view. With the government cracking down on tax loopholes, the opportunities for saving tax require a more careful and considered approach.

Our Tax Planning Team makes sure you’re not exposed to risk. Instead, what you get is sound tax advice that is based on your individual circumstances and is compliant with both the letter and the spirit of the law.

Read on to learn more about our personal and business tax planning services, or get in touch now for an informal discussion.

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Did you know the Capital Gains Tax (CGT) rules changed in April 2020?

If you sell a property – and it’s not your main home – you normally have to pay Capital Gains Tax on any gain you make. Before April, you would have had up to 22 months from the sale date to calculate, report and pay CGT to the taxman.

The new system is much more stressful. You now have to complete a CGT return and pay over the tax within 30 days. If you don’t, you could get hit with both penalties and interest.

Because HMRC wants you to pay quickly, it gives you precious little time to deal with the complex paperwork, let alone explore legitimate ways of reducing your tax bill.

But don’t worry – THP can help. We’ve created a new, super-fast CGT on Residential Property Service that not only makes sure you avoid penalties but can also help you cut your tax bill.

Read on to find out how our three-tier Capital Gains Tax, UK Property Service works, or request a call back to learn more.

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